Confucius on Yoga (no matter where you yoga, there you are.)

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Bet you didn’t know that Confucius was a practitioner. He rocked his yoga mat hard. This is precisely why he was so wise. He also hid things in his beard to eat at a later date, but that’s beside the point.

I’ve done some serious digging — as in, excavation style — and I have uncovered a historic gem: Confucius’ Yoga Scrolls. Daily dollops of yogic wisdom from the C-man himself.

Behold! It unfolds…

Confucius on Yoga (translated by Y is for Yogini):

  • She who practices, but does not preach, has excellent trap on piehole. She who preaches, but does not practice, is hypocritical douche.
  • Yogi who keep his feet on ground have trouble putting on yoga pants.
  • Study as if you were never to master yoga. Because you won’t, silly f*cker.
  • Wise yogini never take Urdhva Dhanurasana atop car like video ho.
  • Thought without practice is fruitless daydreaming. Practice without thought often ends in trip to hospital.
  • You cannot open a yoga book without learning some shit you’ll never be able to do. And many things you can.
  • Dumb yogi climb tree to get apple. Smart yogi take Tree Pose and manifest apple.
  • Camel = good pose. Camel Toe = uncomfortable pose.
  • It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not drool.
  • The superior yogi take Handstand when class in Balasana. Look like poop head.
  • Yoga unto others as you would have yogaed unto you.


Drink these in. Let your prana rise. Spread what Confucius say.

artwork credit:, with a yoga addition by YIFY

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21 Comments to Confucius on Yoga (no matter where you yoga, there you are.)

  1. Oh my, that Confucius guy was really ahead of his time, I didn’t know “hypocritical douche” and “f*cker* were already in use in his time.
    Oh wait, he’s the one who came up with these, right?

    Learning something every day :)

  2. Lo, u done it grrrrl.. Confucious would high five you, wink and then get u ass in a pretzel! hugs!

  3. You missed one! I found a tiny scrap of the manuscript (you left if behind while flying over Australia in Hanumanasana) and here’s the translation, or as close as I can get it anyway:

    Older hot yoginis will be known as yougars! Yeah, baby!

  4. “Study as if you were never to master yoga. Because you won’t, silly f*cker.”

    I love it. :) So glad you found and translated these precious scrolls!

  5. Not for anything, but being of the more Tantric persuasion, I kinda favor the Taoists, Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu. They are very much opposed to the formalism and hierarchy of the Confucians. Apropos of this month’s Yoga Journal, I kept thinking “The sound of water says what I think.” (Chuang Tzu). But then again, such teaching is perhaps a “useless tree.”

  6. I can always count on you, chica. I wonder over here and it is such a wonderful pick me up on a dreary day!