my yoga practice rules for self { you know, the ones i don’t break … }

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graffiti that reads follow the rules, silly

You know I’m all for breaking the rules in general, but these are my rules for self. Before, during, and after my yoga practice. As you can see, these have taken many years of deep study and meditation to arrive at.

  1. Tame wild mane of hair. Braid it, clip it, pony it, whatevs. Otherwise, said tresses will fall in eyes during Surya Namaskara and you will Sure-ya Nama-scare everyone by toppling over and sprawling about.
  2. I don’t worry about camel toe (ahem, Lululemon). If your drishti is focused on my lady business when you should be practicing: YOU NEED TO KEEP YOUR EYEBALLS AND YOUR BALLS TO YOURSELF.
  3. I dress outside the lines. “Yoga wear” can be anything that works for YOU.
  4. No food at least 2 hours before class. It’s simple. Just like the swimming rule. Unless I have a sick yearning for a rollercoaster and feel like enjoying a swirly tummy, I don’t do it.
  5. Eye-cover for Savasana. You know this is the hardest damned pose for me. I look up at the big beautiful ceiling (the one at YogaWorks Main Street is blue with skylights!) and my mind gets overloaded with ideas, business plans, when I should get my highlights re-done, advanced theories, ways to take over the world, etc. Having a scarf over my eyes helps bring calming darkness, if not silence.
  6. I don’t practice next to people who smell before class even begins. Yeah, I said it. Color me an asshole, at least I’m honest. Because you know these mo fo’s are going to smell even worse when you get warm…and sticky. And I guarantee that’ll be the day the teacher decides to do a loooong set of pranayama exercises. I speak from experience.
  7. I’m not a prop-hog. I don’t use many of them, anyway, but I’m always ready to give up a block/strap/etc. to someone who really needs it.
  8. After washing my yoga mat, I now make sure it is completely dry before use. I had a Slip N’ Slide incident not too long ago. Not the kind of summer fun I was looking for. Splish splash, I had a bubbly ass.

Sometimes I’m a rule maker + rule follower (can’t be helped, I’m a perfectionist with OCD), sometimes I rule break. Balance is good. Keeps the chaos at bay, but encourages life’s spice.

What are your yoga rules for self?

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9 Comments to my yoga practice rules for self { you know, the ones i don’t break … }

  1. definitely the eating one

    wearing a shirt that doesn’t ride up in front or bottom during down dog (that usually means a tuck in situation)

    spending money on good mats, towels and clothing

    getting there 15 min early so i don’t have to stress that i’m missing something

    sitting on a block for centering …

  2. Wow! I don’t have too many yoga rules. Though yeah, no eating or drinking too much before class. Especially if there’s a lot of bandha work involved, you don’t even want water in your gullet. TRUST me on that one!

    Oh and hair out of eyes. Embarrassingly I tend to rely on ummm, bandanas quite a bit. Because I don’t have to do my hair and all, they’re easy and quick and yes… I know… STILL embarrassing!

    And I never knew that being compassionate with handing over one’s props could lead to such an awesome encounter. Someone quick, get me in a yoga class with Ian Somerhalder, will ya?

  3. I like a shirt that fits well in the front( does not expose me). I try to get to class a little early to relax and get my bearings. I usually like to be in the back row, too. No mirrors!

  4. (you met Rob Estes? *mow*)

    Anyway, let’s see…

    I hate when people step on my mat, so I make it a rule not to step on other people’s mat.
    I don’t use a lot of props either, except one block in *$%$*£ virasana.

    I thought about using running gear for yoga, the pants are soooo comfy, I’ll have to try that!

  5. Pants. Always wear pants. That’s my rule for myself and my preference for others. You’d think that would be obvious, but I live in L.A….and it apparently isn’t. Boys, there are some places where sporting only your bikini briefs is simply inappropriate. At the top of that list is yoga class, where one might be requested to spread one’s legs.


  6. I agree with the thing about shirts that fly up – fitted shirts only.

    My hair – I don’t overly mind it being in my eyes, but it must be pulled back in a way that won’t get in the way during backbends. Nothing enfuriates me more than pulling my own hair during yoga.

    Last Rule is for my home practice – I have to learn that I need to cool down and come to a stop eventually. Preferably before I get so enthusiastic that I hurt myself.

  7. 1. Agree with every one of your rules.

    2. I agree with what the others have said about the tops not riding up, etc.

    3. I never forget towels, as I am a true sweater and need to wipe my face often.

  8. Blissful Girl

    Great list! A very important item for me as an instructor is no tops that show cleavage, must do a cleavage check when buying a new top. Also, have a few sports bras that have ample front coverage for the tanks that I couldn’t resist even though they’re cut low in front.
    Also, avoid VPL whenever possible.

    Agree with the hair pulled back and outta my face, don’t know how people can practice with hair sticking to their sweaty neck.