giraffe heart

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giraffe made of hearts

Giraffe s can weigh as much as 22 pounds and be 2 feet in length. Amazing.

Imagine if your heart was that big. That wide. That voluminous. Enough to power a 2,600 pound body.

Or wonder, perhaps, what it would be like if we lived as though our hearts were enormous. Wide open. Red and sweet like velvet cake. Warm and generous like a smile. Carrying prana throughout our bodies; healing old wounds, vessels of love blossoming. In the flow.

May your heart be like that of a giraffe.

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21 Comments to giraffe heart

  1. If only we all had giraffe-like hearts
    How happy we would be
    We’d frolick and laze about and run like the wind
    And eat our dinner from the trees

    If only we all had giraffe-like hearts
    We’d hear their thumpity-thump miles away
    We’d have more room for celebrity crushes
    And with our loooong legs, try not to sway…


  2. Aw, one of my favourite animals, so majestic, so calm. Now I know it’s because of it’s big heart. LOVEly post!

  3. awwwww… I’m feelin’ warm and fuzzy all over now. I sometimes pretend I’m a giraffe because I want to be tall like a giraffe, but now I have something more to be like a giraffe! My new favorite animal!

  4. I love this post! Makes me smile, and want to read it again, again to remind me who I want to be through and through:-) (((Hugs)))

  5. lissabliss

    it would be beautiful…thanks for sharing. it will be definitely something i strive for — more love & more openness.