don’t be an asshole. remember to say “thank you.”

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Hello my name is gratitude

There is a growing epidemic, my friends, and my sincerest hope is that you have not been afflicted. This serious dis-ease is called Degenerative Thank You Dementia. The cause? Being ungrateful. Expecting. Feeling entitled. And otherwise being an asshole. You don’t want to be a cack, do you? No. The good news is, this condition is reversible.

Why We Should Always Remember To Say Thank You:

  • It takes < 1 second.
  • The tiniest bit of your breath + vocal cords = someone deserving feels appreciated.
  • Respiration has your back. You will recover perfectly from this “expenditure.”
  • We have many things to be thankful for.
  • Your mouth to the Universe’s ears.
  • Say it. Spray it. Show it. 


With love, thanks, gratitude, and only a slight amount of accidental spittle, to you!

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17 Comments to don’t be an asshole. remember to say “thank you.”

  1. Oh Lo, how I have missed you so. I’d like to follow in the footsteps of one kelly s and say “thank you” for sharing your sentiments on the concept of gratitude! Love, j

  2. From the YogaDawg Yoga Sutras

    1.14 Most teachers are being paid next to nothing to teach you (so always thank them after taking their class)

  3. humble – always lovely to see you!
    nancy – my girl! :D
    j-man – too many d-bags in this world. keep on fighting the good fight!
    lizzie – love u!
    keishua – xo, mama. you are such a light.
    kelly – thank YOU!
    miss j – you know i always keep my eye on you. :)
    deb – diggin’ your comments! thank you!
    dawg – i need to know when the book is coming out…
    meg – you got it! hold doors, be polite, do it right.
    linda – heyo miss sassy pants!
    adriene – please do! :D would love to hear the response…
    nikki – love you, N!