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get your fiber with yoga

I am not regular. This is not to say I need more fiber in my diet, per se, but more fiber in life. More fluidity. More ease. Less blockage. All flow.

Ways We Get Blocked:

  1. Chasing, forming, and maintaining relationships which do not feed us.
  2. Putting trash into our bodies. Garbage In = Garbage Out.
  3. Trying desperately to control…everything.
  4. All push, no sensualism.
  5. Neglecting self-care rituals.
  6. Forgetting our auras/force fields/Jedi bubbles.

6 Ways To Be More Regular in Life:

  1. Re-examine all relationships. Don your reading glasses or your Ray-Bans if necessary. Let go where need be. You’ll know where.
  2. On the rare occasions that I actually sleep, my best dreams include the fantasmic metallic ice-blue Aston Martin DB-9 that makes my knees go weak. Imagine your dream autoeroticmobile. You sure as hell wouldn’t put Jiffy gas in it, would you? Nothing but Premium, baby. Treat your body like that. You need it for life. Fuel: H20, leafy greens (green smoothies!), colorful fruits and veggies, and enough good protein to stoke the vroom.
  3. I’m a control freak, and not exactly the shining subject of let-shit-run-its-course or trust, but at some point we just have to faith it.
  4. Take at least 15 minutes a day to do something purely enjoyable. Just. For. Fun. Novel, right? And find someone to feed you grapes while you do it.
  5. I want to make sure you are bathing. Not just for the sake of your social life, either. And not the usual quickie-dickie shower. Freshly-painted toes, sesame or coconut oil rubbed into your hands and feet, and an awesomely scary avocado facial mask are thoughtful ways to be nice to you.
  6. You know what happens when the force isn’t strong with this one (meaning you, my friend). Keeping it energized is crucial. Doing just 60 seconds of Aura Sweeping will make your force field glisten and glimmer, with all the strength and brilliance of diamonds.


I’m off to take my own advice. My grape-feeder looks uncannily like Takeshi Kaneshiro.

Peace, Love, and Yogic Fiber.

photo credit: fiber.org

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5 Comments to 6 ways to be more regular in life { yogic fiber }

  1. It’s funny, isn’t it? We gotta get regular but we also gotta get with the letting go. Oooh. Yeah…

    And letting go is just so important!


    Also, when you’re done with your grape-feeder, please pop him in an express post bag to Australia. ;)

  2. Have you been texting my digestive tract? My pschye? Have ya? We’re bulking up on spiritual and material fiber this week – a little end o’ summer cleaning. Some people gain weight over the winter but me it’s summer; I just get bogged down all round. Love you for sharing this!

    P.S. My shades of choice are only Ray-Bans :)