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Green Smoothie Man

If REM had discovered what I have, they would never have written that tragic freaking song. I, friends, am reborn. I am so fresh and so clean clean clean. I have found a new religion: Green-Smoothie-anity-ism.

My journey began a little over three weeks ago, when Suburban Yogini came knocking at my door. She had with her a gorgeous smile, skin that was all aglow, and a funny little pamphlet with seemingly-innocuous smoothie recipes.

Normally I hide out like a bandit when there are those kinds of calls made at my house. Don’t judge, I learned it early on. :) Childhood remnants and whatnot. But this day, oh yes, this day I answered the calling.

Today I am the liveliest, glowiest, and most energetic of converts. Yes, my skin is still detoxing and yes, it takes extra time out of my day for worship, but it is all worthwhile. And my yoga practice is off the chain; so, so much stronger. Twice a day, I bow down to kale, spinach, the holiest and most nutritious of fruits, my beloved chia seeds, milk, and sweetener. I have my own special green smoothie concoction.

You, too can be saved. All you need is a blender and a little imagination. :)

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7 Comments to { green-smoothie-anity-ism } i have found a new religion

  1. LOVE my green smoothies. Haven’t hit up the chia seeds yet but have been rocking the hemp seed poweder from nutvia. What’s the difference between chia and hemp?

  2. i love smoothies on warm summer days. they don’t feel as lovely in the winter, though, when all i want is oatmeal :)

  3. I REALLY want a blueberry green smoothie now… mmmm.. apple juice, spinach, and frozen blueberries, and a couple of cubes of ice… That is the schtuff!

  4. Abby – What benefits have you noticed from using hemp? I don’t know much about it, but am certainly open to anything that will make me healthier! :)

    Jesse – You won’t believe it until you try it for yourself, but the fruit is really the predominant flavor. I don’t even notice the kale or spinach (though I do like their taste, anyhow). The kale simply makes it fresher and the spinach lends a nice creamy texture. Who would have thought?! I love these smoothies, they taste awesome!

    Emma – Ohhhhh, I’m an oatmeal-lover, too. I like to put chia seeds in mine. Makes it thick and yum!

    Meredith – Yes! So good for that. It’s the only thing that has helped me in that area. :)

    Erica – LoL, every time I have a blueberry smoothie (like last night for snack), I’m going to think of you!

    Tiffany – It makes it so fun, doesn’t it? I love experimenting. So cool how I can throw just about anything in there and it makes magic!