6 Yoga Poses that Set the Mood for Halloween (boo!)

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Halloweenie calls for a spookety, skuuurry, chills-tastic set of yoga poses. These are spine-tinglingly perfect. Add a mask and scare the pants off your unsuspecting neighbors…

6 Yoga Poses for Halloween:

{ cat pose / cakravakasana }
eeek! don’t let your path be crossed by this one…

cat pose

{ noose pose / pasasana }
found in haunted houses + creepy closets…

Noose pose yoga

{ half moon pose / ardha chandrasana }
make it a full moon for full spooky effect…

Half moon pose yoga halloween

{ crow pose / bakasana }
where there are crows…

Crow pose yoga halloween

{ frog pose / bhekasana }
the base ingredient in the best witches’ brews…

Bhekasana frog pose yoga

{ corpse pose / savasana }

corpse pose savasana

photo credits, top to bottom: a2zyoga.com, onsugar.com, yogamary.com, dailymail.co.uk, downwarddog.com, yenyoga.wordpress.com

{ photos altered by YIFY to achieve Halloween-spooky status }

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Charmed! :)

    I only now discovered your SHAPE nomination (upper left button, folks) and gladly cast my vote for your deserving blog-o-tricks, Lo. Sweetness. x