the yoga of root canals { ouch! }

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oh crap the dentist!

Oho! You thought I’d fallen victim to the 10-month yoga blogging curse! (Yeah, made that up.) But no! I’ve been MIA lately for many reasons, including my teefies. Sigh. Root canal episode.

Don’t Look a Gift Yogini in the Mouth

No, really. Don’t. You might find cavities. FML. But life’s pain — oh the woe — always provides ample opportunities for the practice of yoga. Life is rife with strife. This means practice + patience x millions x oodles.

The Yoga of Root Canals:

  1. Your teeth are like all the things you ignore/overlook in life. If you leave them adrift too long and don’t confront the monsters under the bed, they will jump up and bite you { cavities included } in the ass!
  2. When you’re undergoing a root canal, deep yogic breathing is helpful. Listen to your breath instead of the drill.
  3. For Patanjali’s sake floss and try to brush 2-3 times a day. An apple a day won’t help, mo fo.
  4. After desperate times, we always seem to then learn preventive measures. :)
  5. Sometimes your third eye is your best friend. Especially when it helps you hone your focus.
  6. Pain is fleeting. Remember that. In the meantime, cussing will get you through any extreme hurtiness.
  7. Even with all the right moves regarding oral hygiene, genetics may rise up and slap you in the teeth. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Like life. Sometimes when you’ve painstakingly done everything right, shit just goes awry. Learning to roll with the punches is key.
  8. If all else fails, amuse yourself with hand mudras.

After all my mouth work is done, I have decided I will become a dental atheist! That, and I will secretly floss and brush until the cows come home.

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8 Comments to the yoga of root canals { ouch! }

  1. I certainly feel for you – I had a root canal + crown two years ago and it was awful. So glad you had a sense of humor about it!

  2. This is why I love you: Truth, rolled into humor and dipped in attitude.

    Thanks for the smiles (and the good advice). Glad you’re feeling better.

  3. I bet the third eye would come in handy when you try to avoid making eye contact with the person hovering over you because you fear you might see their nose hairs or yet allow that person to see the fear in your eyes as they drill baby drill LOL

  4. While getting my teeth drilled I have prayed for my dentist, and wished her well. I imagined any sadness she might have had in her life and felt compassion for her difficulties.

  5. Oh, mama! I’m glad you’re okay, and that you’re back in business, baby! But…this post…approximately 2 weeks before my 6 month checkup with the most vicious, brutal, unsympathetic woman I know (my dentist)? Now my nerves are going. Ok, she’s not THAT bad, but holy pattabhi jois, do I hate going.