the yoga walk of shame / bliss.

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My life has been idiotically incapacitating insanity as of late. And fo shame, fo shame, my practice has dwindled. Why does this have to be an inversely proportional relationship?!

The Yoga Walk of Shame + The Yoga Walk of Bliss

Soon, I’ll be doing the yoga walk of shame. You slink in to class, feeling shameful that you’ve been missing for so long.

But then something magical happens. You practice, you walk out that door. And your slink has become sway. It morphs into the yoga walk of bliss.

YOU know what I’m talking about. You stumble out into the sun. Clothes and hair mussed. Dried sweat on your skin. Brain scrambled in the best way. Passers-by look at you quizzically and think, “What in hells happened to her? Are those last night’s clothes? Woooo, walk of shaaaaame.” But that’s where they’re wrong. It’s yoga bliss.

Afterglow, fo sho. How the f*ck did you stay away so long?!

Your ass and your head are higher somehow. Your swagger is BACK.

Sunday, I have a date with yoga and the girl I used to be. It’s about to get sweaty and so very, very DIRTY. Rawwwrrrrrrr!!!!

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13 Comments to the yoga walk of shame / bliss.

  1. Confession: I don’t mind the dried sweat on my skin. External sign of yoga bliss, oh yeah!

    I hear you though, after a week away without a long practice, first thing I did when I came back (after grocery shopping, oh yeah), was unroll my blue mat and move for 1h30. Man was that hard, but wow I needed to reground a bit. Tonight is yoga class, I’m still tired from jet lag and going to bed too late, but I’m going all right. And I will walk back home with my hair messed up, smelling not so much of roses, but feet barely touching ground and a huge smile on my face :)

  2. been there, done that. i find that i get into a funk and don’t go, not completely comprehending that yoga is the only true relief from that said funk.

    glad you’re human, too! ;)

  3. I had been out of my practice for awhile, the rec center stopped having the class mid semester and my pe yoga class was over and I became super busy, then one night I made plans to be at my friend’s hot yoga class for 90 minutes and it was the best/worst class, I thought I had died but really I took my body to a new level and felt so great after I knew that yoga was the only way to go.