What is Yoga Swagger?

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hello my name is swagger

A new hashtag has cropped up on Twitter: #yogaswagger. But those of you who’ve been around the block know that yoga swagger runs deep and is timeless. You can’t fake the funk. Either you’ve got swag…or you don’t.

Still confused? Want to study up? Something to nod your head to b/c you know you a badass?! Here you go…

Yoga Swagger ( defined ):

adj. evident self-confidence and love in the realm of yoga, which is life. strut. style. the manner in which you handle yourself and your biznasss.

  1. Has nothing to do with wearing your yoga pants baggy, crotch at your knees, booty crack/undies on display.
  2. It’s not in your clothing. Sure, some of us are clotheshorses, but clothes don’t equal swagger.
  3. If you’ve got it, it’s part of everything you do. Your style. Your slant. Just being you.
  4. Swagger is having the ovaries/balls to get naked (NOT for money or to sell a product!), get into your favorite yoga pose, and have your photo taken to poke fun at something, rise to a challenge, or celebrate your body. (see: YogaDawg)
  5. It’s saying, loud and clear, what you believe in. No holds barred. No bullshit.
  6. It’s rocking whatever the f*ck you want to yoga class rather than jumping on the yoga mat bandwagon and wearing what everyone else does.
  7. Yoga swagger is teaching someone, anyone who will listen, a new pose…even if you think you’re “just a beginner.” We all have something to share and teach. Spread the love.
  8. It’s putting good, whole foods into your body because you appreciate what a gift it is to be healthy. Because you are immeasurably thankful you can feel and enjoy the beautiful body poetry of the physical practice of yoga.
  9. It’s breaking ridiculous old school rules and taking yoga to the people. Everyone who is/might be interested. (see: Yogi Bhajan and countless other heroes)
  10. If you’re preaching it, BE it, DO it. If not, you might as well stuff a toe sock in it.

How do you define yoga swagger? What’s your swag?

artwork source: e-swagger.com

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17 Comments to What is Yoga Swagger?

  1. To sort of quote mighty Mighty Bosstones from their song Rascal King:

    I got my cocky swagger up the yoga ladder
    and could I ever rock the asana

    Alright, so I butchered the lyric, but I like my way better ♥

  2. Jeeah! I’d add to #4 that swagger is also having the ovaries/balls to tell the truth… em be the truth. So what if you drink coffee now and then… don’t pretend it’s decaf herbal tea with no sugar! Is that swagg enuff to get on your list? :)

  3. I am such a geek – I had to look up what G6 means! I like cheese stick much better!

    My yoga swag is not being afraid to ask questions about yoga…and finding ways to demystify it. Yoga swagger means you love learning something new about yoga every day.

  4. I can’t believe I never saw this post?!! Thanks to Maria @Downwarddog!

    Seems I may have ***blush**** just recently exposed my swagger…

    Watch out world, my swagger may have some serious sway!

  5. Yoga Swagger is going into a yoga class in the best physical condition of your life, getting your ass handed to you by a forty year old woman and still walking out with confidence.

  6. Ladywindy

    Yoga Swagger is doing 50 straight days of hot yoga because your you’re embracing being 50! Turn up the heat!!