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“There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love.” — Sophia Loren

My birthday is the 27th of this month, so I have decided to gift, challenge, and cleanse myself with 27 days of hardcore yoga practice for April. Yes!

At first, my plan was to do the full 30 days (I know, you aren’t at all shocked), but I checked in with my yoga mentor, who recommended one day off per week. Twenty-seven days feels purrrfect – 27 days for a 4.27 birthday! I’m really excited about this. It’s time to shake things up, hayyyy!

Spring has sprung and if we listen to our bodies, we’ll hear them telling us they need refreshing. This month, I am a daffodil coming out of the rich chocolaty earth, reaching upward to the sun. I’m gettin’ my chlorophyll on like a mofo!

I know this will make teacher training more challenging for me on an energetic/physical level. Beyond this petit detail, however, is the chance to be reborn during the month of my birth. Movement, magic, and yoga muchly this month!

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8 Comments to birthday month { 27 days of yoga }

  1. Sounds like the perfect present to yourself! I agree with your mentor – I always take one day off a week, usually Sunday, and take it easy.

    Be that beautiful flower and happy birthday month!

    Much love

  2. Thank you, lovely Abby! ;) I’ll let you know how it goes – planning on doing a little recap at the end of each week.

  3. Hi!! I’m so excited that you dropped by my blog – now I have another wonderful blog to visit! It’s going on my blogroll! :) I’ll look for you on Twitter, as well (I’m @5seed).

    This sounds like a great way to celebrate a new year of life. I, myself, and finally getting back on the mat after resisting it for two months. Feels great to be doing sun sals again!

  4. Good for you! I’m glad you’re back on your mat – it’s where we all need to be. You know what they say: all you have to do is show up. :)