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shoulder stand plus yoga props equals epiphany

I’ve been practicing this awesomeness called yoga for a very long time. I like to think I have a solid idea of what I’m doing. I need to come clean, though, and say that sometimes my ego really gets in my way.

I’m learning to say, “Ego! Take thyself away, never to appear again!” But like an undesirable habit, there it is again. This is a dysfunctional relationship.

Every single time I’ve practiced shoulder stand, Salamba Sarvangasana, in the past, I’ve done it without blankets (no “Salamba”). And every time I’ve been discouraged. My legs weren’t straight enough, my back bowed too much, but most importantly, it felt uncomfortable. Red flag!

I could see with my own eyes that even Rodney Yee, Rainbeau Mars, and other experts used blankets for support. For whatever reason ( … ego … ), I never did.

My shoulder stand life changed a few weekends ago in Teacher Training. For the first time, I used two blankets underneath my much-abused shoulders. EPIPHANY IN MIND AND BODY! My shoulder stand was so on-point, so effortless, and felt so good that I stayed in it for 5+ minutes.


Talk about a humbling moment. After the practice, I thought about (and have continued to explore) how I allow my ego to create roadblocks in yoga and in life.

I am proud to say, I’m now the owner of the BEST, fluffiest, thickest yoga blankets ever)! My new friends will be making an appearance in shoulder stand and anywhere else they are needed.

“If I need it in the morning or the middle of the night … I ain’t too proud to beg” for props! (I love the TLC version best, but OG credit goes to The Temptations!)

photo credits: yogajournal.com, yogaaccessories.com

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3 Comments to { ain’t too proud } for yoga props

  1. Yay! Glad you found a place to explore the pose. I never teach this pose without tons of blankets. It completely freaks me out to see people’s necks cranked like that. Ouch. My teacher uses FIVE big fluffy blankets. It is a revelation. Thanks for the post!