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YOGA GIFT GUIDE: stocking stuffers!

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yoga gift list fun stocking stuffers

You know that tingly, anticipatory excitement…the what-did-Santa-put-in-my-stocking feeling? These are all the yoga goodies you want to see spilling out of your faux furry stocking! You gave him your favorite organic vegan chocolate chip cookies, made sure the milk was creamy non-GMO almond, now make sure to put out THIS list....

six yoga blanket forts { the 12 days of yoga }

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On the 16th day of December, yoga gave to me six yoga blanket forts. . . Because some of us are just plain shy. And we don’t want you peepin’ at us while we get stretchy! You’ve met our kind before and you’ve seen us carefully and strategically fortifying our...

five yoga props { the 12 days of yoga }

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On the 14th day of December, yoga gave to me five yoga props. . . Supportive AND edible. The yoga tummy growl is no more! { strap = watermelon twister; bolster = circus peanut marshmallow; blanket = mini dark chocolate bar; blocks = orbit white bubblemint gum } The studio’s...