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yoga gift guide stocking stuffers

You know that tingly, anticipatory excitement…the what-did-Santa-put-in-my-stocking feeling? These are all the yoga goodies you want to see spilling out of your faux furry stocking! You gave him your favorite organic vegan chocolate chip cookies, made sure the milk was creamy non-GMO almond, now make sure to put out THIS list. Santa will know just what to do for a good little yogi/ni like you!


yoga gift list fun stocking stuffers


1. The Little Book of Hindu Deities (SANJAY PATEL / $13.63) – Only the cutest book ever with adorable artwork and excellent descriptions. This is such a great way to learn!

2. Be Love Women’s Eco Fleece Pullover (BE LOVE APPAREL / $60) – I have this exact one and lawdy, is it soft + snuggly. I wear it all the time and it still looks new. And who can resist a kangaroo pocket?! Be Love uses recycled materials for their clothing AND gives $5.00 from every sale to Alexandria House here in LA. That money benefits homeless women and children. Good works.

3. Metallic Temporary Tattoos (MY TAT / $10) – There’s something sexy and cool about these. I adore gold anything and these mandala and om tattoos require no life commitment or pain. All fun! The two shown are part of a larger set of 9, which includes a hamsa hand, a buddha, henna, and more om symbols + mandalas.

4. Peace Warrior Men’s T-Shirt (BE LOVE APPAREL / $46) – 100% organic cotton with eco-friendly dyes and super soft. As noted above, $5.00 of your purchase helps homeless women and children.

5. Kundabini (KUNDALINK / $24) – The Kundalini Beanie! I have two of these and they are even better in person. If you’re a Kundalini practitioner, this is an easy pull-on head covering. I wear them as beanies — they’re that darn cute. You can make ’em floppy or fitted. I rock mine slouchy, snowboard style. :)

6. Elephant Teapot (BIA CORDON BLEU / $22.87) – An elegant and majestic way to take your tea. Porcelain and dishwasher safe (yessss).

7. Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper (DR. TUNG’S / $6.84) – I use this religiously. An awesome stocking stuffer for someone who follows (or is interested in delving into) Ayurvedic practices.

8. Lotus Nail Polish (ZOYA / $11.95) – The perfect yogic nail polish. A calming lavender, 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and it’s called “Lotus.” You can look at your lotus-polished toes in lotus…and other poses. Zoya rocks — opaque means opaque, the coverage is excellent, and these polishes have serious staying power.

9. Om Symbol Decal (WORLD DESIGN / $1.87) – These are meant to be stuck on cars, but if you like to keep yours pristine (I do), there are a ton of creative uses for this decal. And at less than $2, it’s crazy cheap and perfect to pop in a stocking or gift bag. They also have lotus + namaste decals!

10. The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies (VASANT LAD / $10.66) – This book is chock-full of ayurvedic info + goodies. A must-have.

11. Anti-Bottle Water Bottle (VAPUR / $6.87) – I have this bottle (mine is black, oooh) and it is always with me. It rolls up easily when empty, stands up properly when you’re refilling it, is unbreakable, and BPA-free! Purely awesome.

12. Sacred Space: Clearing and Enhancing the Energy of Your Home (DENISE LINN / $11.18) – There’s no time like the present to clear old, mucky, stagnant energy out of your house and make it a space for only wonderfulness.


May you receive a stocking stuffed with all the fun goodies you deserve. xo!

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