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Post Yoga Teacher Training Depression (PYTTD) defined: a form of gloominess which descends upon a yogini or yogi after her/his rebirth during Yoga Teacher Training. PYTTD often occurs soon after the completion of training, the duration of which may vary. Symptoms can include confusion, frustration, feeling lost, sadness, and extreme fatigue.

I finished my 6-month 200-hour teacher training yesterday. I expected to feel elated, relieved, and excited. I knew there would be wistfulness, sadness. However, I wasn’t exactly prepared to find myself incredibly down in the dumps or for this to descend with such haste.

I’m sure stress, lack of sleep, and cortisol overload have much to contribute to this ennui (if I even am slaked). But there’s more. It’s deeper than bone-weariness. I was having a beautiful love affair with yoga, with my practice. And now this bed is cold. I’m alone. Or it certainly feels painfully so.

I know there’s more ahead. That my practice has been catapulted to new heights. This isn’t an end, it’s a beginning. But right now, I’m thickly embedded in the mire. Hello mud.

What about you, wise community of heart? Did you feel this way when your TT ended? What did you do to dust it all off and get back to your luminous selves?

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8 Comments to post yoga teacher training depression { pyttd }

  1. Coincidentally yesterday was the first day of the completion of my YTT too! I had similar feelings! I absolutely deepened my practice but also loved connecting with new friends that I would see on a weekly basis. I am looking to competing an extension program, and possibly another training!

  2. This is an excellent question! I completed my certification right around my birthday, which was the best gift ever to myself. I had already started teaching at that point so it gave me the feeling of legitimacy, but I don’t recall having PYTTD. The biggest thing I felt was a responsibility to keep studying & learning.

  3. Congratulations!! And, I just gave myself some time away from the all consuming yoga. Just gave myself some time to be. And then I found myself back. Let yourself soak it up.

  4. Love you girls!

    Sarah, I’m right there with you — time for another training. :)

    Meredith, I’m not shocked that you kept your head up. You are just that kind of spirit. ;)

    Babs, thank you! Sage words, solid advice, and I will take it! :)

  5. Well done and congratulations!

    Thank you for sharing this information!

    I was so so tired after finishing my TTC. So much information to melt within 6 months. I can´t understand how they can arrange TTC in an intensive 4 weeks course.

  6. I didn’t quite feel that specifically, rather I felt really lonely! i went from 30 intensive days surrounded by 60 people home to an empty house. other than that, I am generally a robot. I was surprised to have cried multiple times in my training!!
    Congrats on making it through :)

  7. Gosh, I totally know the feeling you are talking about. I haven’t done teacher training, yet, but having spent a week with the Jivamukti Founders (David Life/Sharon Gannon) in February, I know a lot of us felt almost abandoned when we didn’t have them around anymore. The way you describe it is exactly that, like after a rebirth. David and Sharon totally broke us down and any preconceptions we may have had. There is so much to take in, explore and I’m still processing it months later. The fantastic thing is all the a-ha moments that come after, when things really click. Yoga is good like that, constantly learning and pushing us further.