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If you’ve known me a short or long while, you probably have an inkling that I’m all about the subtleties, the nuances, the mere suggestions. A few days ago, I was sitting in Rawvolution with my mentor in the time between two of her yoga classes. A bit before the second one, she turned to me, smiled brilliantly, as is her way, and said, “I’m going to let Spirit teach this next class.”

I thought about this long after she said it. I’m still rolling it around in my head now…and sharing it with you. There was something incredibly powerful in what she said. In essence, she was letting go, holding her next experience out in her elegant hands, and trusting fully that her guide would lead her.

It made me think about who and what I am guided by. The answers were there, quietly ready for me.

  1. I am blessed to be guided by the most beautiful being to ever have touched my life. She isn’t with me in the same way she used to be, but she is forever in my heart and thoughts.
  2. I’m a firm believer in a particular kind of Karma, that what we put out comes back threefold. Although I want to “do good” simply because it is right, this principle of Karma reminds me that even the smallest pebbles create ripples.
  3. My yoga practice, when unfettered by chitta vritti, perfectionism, ego, etc., always guides me in the right direction. It never, ever fails me, because it knows how to find the real me. The one who knows just what to do.

I would love to know what guides you. Who or what is your beacon, shining a bright light to you, leading you home?

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8 Comments to guide illuminate inspire { what is your compass? }

  1. Love guides me. Love gives me the knowledge that we are one & that all of my actions impact all beings. Without love, there is no compassion & light.

  2. nancy (yoga_mydrishti)

    wow.. cool post. i have so many things that guide me. I do try to listen hard to my inner voice/spirit or whatever you call it but sometimes it’s taking a call with my chitta vritti and can’t get on the line. At those times it’s my yoga pals who show me how to get back on my mat. let’s face it, even as a yogini, i’m not doing it alone. so thanks for being one of those beacons. ;-) (that goes for Meredith too )

  3. Good post. Very good. What my beacon is is my own heart. Listening to it and then trying to obey. Yes the Chitta Vrittis like to tell a good story sometimes. Coming back to my heart with compassion and intention of serving this life. It is easy to love and be compassionate towards those who return it with the gratitude and appreciation. Our greatest teachers of love and compassion are those who don’t. Love anyway.

  4. im working on that intuition thing. we have had some issues in the past, but are relationship is strengthening!

    i am guided by divine chaos.

  5. Well I dont usually discuss this for reasons that appear later, but if I were to say what is my guide or guidance I would have to start with The Sermon on the Mount, specifically the parts dealing with how we should treat eachother.

    The person I admire most is the Dalai Lama. He has a simple way of getting the message of compassion across. I’ve never studied his writings in depth but I am drawn to the man each time I hear him speak or read what he says.

    My confliction is that strongly believe in selflessness but even more so that all acts and charity should be completely annonymous. I normally don’t write about this because to me even acknowledging this belief could really be asking for praise. Its tough because you want to share this, to inspire others but how. Now that I have, I will tell you that a tremendous spirit enters you when you do the acts of kindness. That can’t be your goal to receive this but it is a awesome feeling when it happens. So put the money in the tip jar when no one is looking :)

    One last easier rule that can make everyone you meet feel wonderful is ‘always greet people as if you haven’t seen them in a long time’ let them see the light in your face – so simple yet so powerful.

  6. Lovely post. I have so many guides! Thanks for reminding me to take time to be thankful.

    – In yoga, my breath is my guide.
    – In life, my partner is my guide – my voice of reason, my support, my fan, my shoulder to cry on.
    – I have a spirit animal, who is a guide but also a companion.
    – I have a spirit teacher, and this post has reminded me to re-connect with her.

    Infinite blessings to you!!!

  7. Beautiful post, dear!
    I know that this practice– all of it– brings me to a place of spacious connection. When I am in Yoga/Union, there is space for me to find my way back to where I belong: merged with all beings.