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Breath and Butterflies

The beginning of each month always inspires me to embark upon something new. I enjoy 30-day challenges, pushing myself for x more minutes, and knowing that I’ve taken in 80 ounces of water for the day. I will own up to possibly being certifiable, but I stand firm in my love of all things quantifiable.

This month, Osho and Sting have infiltrated my brain. I’m taking June to focus on a real, honest-to-goodness pranayama practice.

My first step is something Osho recommends in my very most favorite yoga book, Yoga: The Science of the Soul:

“When you become angry, what is the rhythm of your breathing — is the exhalation long or the inhalation long or are they the same? Just watch the proportion of inhalation and exhalation. When sometimes sitting silently and looking at the sky in the night, everything is quiet around you, just take note of how your breath is going. When you are feeling filled with compassion, watch, note it down. When you are in a fighting mood, watch, note it down. Just make a chart of your own breathing, and then you will know much.

Keep a chart for one month of all your moods and states. Then you know which is the rhythm where you feel most restful, relaxed, in a deep let-go; which is the rhythm where you feel quiet, calm, collected, cool; which is the rhythm when suddenly you feel blissful.”

Hello breath. It’s just you and me…every breath you take, every move you make…I’ll be watching you.

How about you? Do you keep track of your breath, its rise and fall, how it changes through your emotions and throughout the day? What have you noticed?

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5 Comments to every breath you take { pranayama }

  1. LOL – that song quote CRACKED me up. Still giggling. Pranayama is awesome. I haven’t kept a journal like he suggests but I sure do notice my breath when I get emotional. And it helps to calm me down so much.

  2. Love this idea! I try to pay attention to my breath, but admittedly do not do it near enough. Perhaps I’ll give it shot! ;0)

  3. My pranayama practice is still in its infacy but “off the mat” I have found moments in the day when I’ll notice a clear correlation between my state of mind and my breathing patterns.