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Chakras! Yow! There’s something about the word itself that elicits images of crackling electricity and aurically abundant energies.

Often subtle body intelligence in general gets dismissed as fruity or new-agey. I have always been certain of “the body of bliss.” As a child, I could walk into a room and feel everyone present. This tapped-in-ness has only grown along with me. It isn’t always comfortable; I find that I am often over-stimulated and can be battered by others’ energies, like heavy rain on a slicker. I’m still working on erecting my own force field for each and every day — a sort of protection that is very necessary if you’re even remotely empathic.

If you’re interested (how could you not be enthralled?!), here’s a short boom chakra-laka breakdown.

The 7 Chakras:


Root Chakra — Muladhara

// 1st. Red. Earth. Grounding. Physical identity + instinct toward survival.

Sacral Chakra — Svadhisthana

// 2nd. Orange. Water. Moving. Emotions + sexuality + desire.

Navel Chakra — Manipura

// 3rd. Yellow. Fire. Directing. Power + strength + will.

Heart Chakra — Anahata

// 4th. Green. Air. Loving. Giving + receiving love.

Throat Chakra — Vishuddha

// 5th. Blue. Ether. Expressing. Communication.

Third Eye Chakra — Ajna

// 6th. Indigo.  Continuum of Bliss. Seeing the Way. Illumination + wisdom + the light within.

Crown Chakra — Sahasrara

// 7th. Violet. Universal Intelligence. Realization. Union + consciousness. 1,000 petal lotus.


I am most balanced in my Throat + Third Eye chakras. How about you?

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5 Comments to boom chakra-laka!

  1. LOVE that chakra picture!

    I feel most connected to my 6th. I easily connect with warmth and a magnetic sensation there. It tends to play me a little too with crazy dreams and fantasies, tho!

    With great trepidation I’m going to be singing at a studio party we’re having this weekend, so 5th is on my mind a ton… it’s definitely an area I get stuck. Will need to do some clearing out before the song!

    Look forward to future chakra-la!

  2. aaaahhhhh…. so luv the Chakras! Actually working on a little something about the first one. Loved this article… adds fun to chakras, can’t wait to read the rest!!! You rock! Namaste’

  3. I love chakra stuff. I think I’m having some fourth chakra issues, though. I get them a lot and don’t know why. I’m all about green and love, lol! Honestly, though I think I have “convergence” issues, when the top chakras and the bottom chakras aren’t getting along and they meet in the middle and go ka-boom!