YOGA: this is what happens when…

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They tell you there’s a sub today:

annette bening says what the fuck


You take a Jivamukti class:

animals doing the running man


Some asshole does a pose you totally can’t:

doggie runs into a bush fail


The dude who won’t go away skeeves on you one time too many:

girl beats up boy


The teacher’s face when she says you’re doing MORE abs:

creepy evil little girl's face


A fart pierces the blissful yogic silence:

guy pulls down sunglasses, looks shocked


Everyone else is resting in Savasana and I can’t chill out, so I CREEP:

creeper kitty so cute


Which ones did you identify with?

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22 Comments to YOGA: this is what happens when…

  1. this is some seriously funny shit! what a way to start my day :) The Savasana creeper cat really got me, cats are seriously out of their minds…I love them so. But honestly, they’re all really great.

  2. I love! I’m totally onboard with, “Everyone else is resting in Savasana and I can’t chill out, so I CREEP”

    Which could also be replaced with, “There is a totally hot guy on the other side of the class.”

  3. Evil little children always make me smile! Thanks Lo for the reminder that the universe has a sense of humor…especially in yoga :).

  4. I effing love you, Lo! We’re home chickens on the foreign coop exchange program, fo sho. Btw – I creep by checking out shoe labels in the lounge during Savasana. KIDDING!! (or am I? Muwahahahaha!)

    (also, the FB link was all whopperjawed, so this comment might post a hundred times. Creeper what?)

  5. That was me crashing into the shrub there. Epic fail, but such enthusiasm! Adorations, my dear.

  6. the “fart pierces the blissful yogic silence” look is me, mentally at least, when I see the right ass from the right angle.

    yeah, I said it.

  7. Sometimes you yoga slow; sometimes you yoga quick; and a lot of the time you yoga outa your tree! That dog into the bushes is spittin coffee into the keyboard funny. Must be fun crashin parties with you.

  8. I am all about “the teacher’s face when she says you’re doing MORE…”….