speak sweetly { to yourself } and carry a comfy yoga mat

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Speaking. Listening. Today has been an ear/mouth/eye-opening experience in both. The Universe has been sending me direct messages this day and I am now at attention.

On Twitter, Hugger Mugger asked, “What’s your inner monologue? And how does observing it begin to create positive change?” I sent off an honest response of, “My inner monologue reads like an angry football coach.” And it does. I didn’t ruminate on this much, although I’m working on it, it still follows me around like a mean security blanket.

In Kundalini, the Universe struck again! Part deux. We were holding Vrksasana at great length. The girl in front of me (who also happens to be in my YTT) fell out of it again and again. She was visibly frustrated with herself. Anger, dismay, and vexation took shape in her body and her movements. At one point, she stamped her foot.

I watched her and thought, “Yes. This is familiar. I’m much more stealth about chastising myself, but I do that, too.” I had the strong urge to touch her arm and say, “Hey, it’s ok. You’re just having an off-balance day. Everyone does. Tomorrow will be better. Give YOU a break and be kind to yourself.”

Act III was this evening. My mind began connecting the day’s pearls, stringing them together, making sense and seeing a pattern. After I watched the movie in my brain of the girl in class again and heard my imagined dialogue to her, I had a startling thought. I had empathy and kind words for a girl who has never been particularly friendly to me. My dialogue for her was genuine and caring. And here I am, supposed to be my own most-important-person, and I can’t talk to myself without expletives, harsh criticism, and verbal face-slaps. Ouch! There is something terribly wrong with this picture.

Speak Sweetly To Yourself

Which brings me to now, this moment. I’m vowing to use kinder self-talk. To say things to me with the love and understanding I’d show those I love most. It won’t be easy. The Coach is holding firmly to her clipboard, ready to tongue-lash me into submission. To her I say, “Let’s tangle b*tch. You can’t talk to ME like that!”

How is your self-talk? Do you practice Ahimsa with your internal dialogue or could you be a little sweeter to yourself?

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6 Comments to speak sweetly { to yourself } and carry a comfy yoga mat

  1. I can identify with this post, for sure. It’s so hard to cut down on the negative self-talk and replace it with self-compassion. But it’s a fight worth fighting, that’s for sure.

  2. This is such a moving post. Keep at it! I used to be really hard on myself but I have gotten a lot better in recent years. My big ‘work’ at the moment is anxiety. Sigh…

  3. it’s funny… but, again being honest here, i think sometimes i seek out people i can compare myself favorably to. my self-talk has to be so positive, that i’m better than others. i wont go into it too much, but, ill add, that doesn’t work, either.

  4. Very nice topic, I believe that words are “spells”, they have a lot of power, and speaking nicely to ourselves is the first step towards self love. Well put, thanks

  5. Jamie – You’ve got that right. Sure is challenging, though, but we can do it! :)

    Yoga_Gypsy – Yay, you’re here! Good to see you ’round these parts. :) I feel you on anxiety. I’m the biggest worrywart. I worry about the silliest things, just because I feel like I must. Love to you!

    Carrie – Yes! Meditation is so, so powerful. I’d love to see you blog about your process so I can read it! I’m working on getting a regular meditation practice going.

    Emma – Thank you for being so honest – I love that. You obviously know yourself well and deeply.

    Claudia – I agree wholeheartedly, words are spells. You have a gorgeous way of putting it!