right now it is not appropriate to laugh your { asana } off

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farting in yoga

Let me tell you a little story. My YTT classes are filled to the brim with AUMs. I’ve shared before that I’m not much of a chanter, but that I do enjoy the sound of AUMing. It’s lovely. I feel like I’m buzzing with energy and sweet, sweet prana honey.

Speaking of honey, here’s the sticky part. One of the guys in YTT, who has a particularly deep and noticeable AUMing voice, is also entirely tone-deaf. Every time we AUM, I hear his voice rise above the rest, in all its discordantly dissonant disharmony.

And Patanjali help me, I find this f*cking hilarious.

Consider this equation:

# of AUMs in 1 yoga class x 1,000 (um, it’s YTT) x # of dissonant chords in 1 of said YTT guy’s AUMs x 99/100 (the danger % of my laughing at any serious moment in life)

Your turn! Tell me, honestly, what makes you laugh at the most inopportune times during yoga.

{ shout out to the infinitely awesome La Gitane for reminding me with her recent post that AUMs come in all shapes and sizes and thereby inspiring this post! }

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7 Comments to right now it is not appropriate to laugh your { asana } off

  1. At a yoga teacher training at a large yoga facility, I was in a mixed morning class FULL of people with THE MOST extremely LOUD gas. It was not just one little putter here and there…Oh. NO.

    I could not even look at a couple of women from my particular training, because it got so bad, that my belly was doing that silent laugh thing and I just knew I was going to end up barking or something!

    Even now I am just LAUGHING as I write this.

  2. As a teacher it’s hilarious to see the entire class wobble during prayer twist with eagle legs pose. They are so serious about landing the pose that they forget to unravel their legs before they fall. LOL

  3. I make myself laugh a lot – I fall over and my body loves to make lots of embarrassing sounds. Hence why I prefer to practice alone! ;)

  4. I crack up… and don’t hold back… when people MOOOOOAN in class. I like to present challenges for all the levels and when they push themselves a bit too much it becomes the Call of the Wild.. Who need music when you’ve got moans??? LOL

  5. My cat laughs at me when I fall on my @ss trying a new pose. Really! Then I have to crack up too. Life is about laughter!

  6. One time at the end of an awesome class, something (I can’t even remember what) made me giggle, which made my sister giggle (she was next to me), which made me giggle…and, well, you get the idea. The room was dark, and everyone was in savasana, and I felt horrible about it, but neither of us could stop. It’s been years, and we both still giggle if we talk about it!