11 things to do on 11.11.11

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turn it up to eleven

Today is E-Day. Eleven, eleven, eleven. Its auspiciousness would be awesomely arduous to articulate. Suffice it to say that this day is going to kick ass. Now, turn it up to 11.

11 Things To Do On 11.11.11:

  1. Wake up at 11:11am…or lounge around in bed until then.
  2. Flow through 11 Sun Salutations.
  3. Play football, soccer, field hockey, or cricket — you’ll need 11 players.
  4. Watch Ocean’s Eleven.
  5. Salt your food with vigor. Yum. 11 is the atomic number of Sodium.
  6. Put something off until “the eleventh hour.”
  7. Practice a Kundalini Meditation (duration: 11 minutes).
  8. Looking at something scandalous? Hide all your windows with F11.
  9. Partake of “elevenses” — an 11am-ish English snack of biscuits and tea.
  10. Listen to Eleven by Teacher and The Rockbots. Multiplication is cool.
  11. Know that WWI ended on November 11, 1918. Be at peace today.


Onze, undici, elleve.

artwork credit: adafruit.com

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7 Comments to 11 things to do on 11.11.11

  1. Lo, you’re awesome. I think I’m gonna go to a SEVEN 11 and buy a slurpee- haven’t had one in at LEAST eleven years!!! Have a great weekend ;)

  2. Lo, I’m totally doing #6 right now…granted, it seems I don’t need a special day for that ;).

    I love your #11 though – so many get wrapped up in the fun of the numerology that they forget it’s also a day set aside to remember our Veterans. Whatever one’s feelings on the war, I believe we should honor those who followed their own path for the sake of the greater good.