6 ways yoga is like dating

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one of the band members of kiss, doing his makeup

Modern yoga. Your average studio, USA. Hotbed of personalities, overflowing psychological baggage, and good old fashioned red-bloodedness. MICROCOSM!

Somewhere out there, a rousing howl pierces the spiritual silence. A yogi pounds his chest. A yogini tosses her mane.

6 Ways Yoga is Like Dating:

  1. All Dressed Up — Ass check in the mirror. Makeup spackled. Dudes be upping their game. Hair mussed just so. Smelling like the Bloomie’s homme counter. When was the last time we wore our holey (as in full o’ holes, not godly/holy) tees and threadbare sweats?
  2. Wanting Physical Contact — Touch. Me. Three words for you: feel-good adjustment. Being touched makes us feel seen.
  3. Don’t Do Anything Uncouth — We try our best not to embarrass ourselves. We have an impression to make! No burping, gas passing, falling, tripping, awkward outbursts, or anything else that might kill the illusion. Nothing ruins the mood like bad manners.
  4. Listen More, Talk Less — When a mouth is open and yammering, the brain cannot learn and the spirit can’t find the simple space to connect.
  5. Pay — We’ll have none of this ‘go dutch’ b.s. Open your wallet, be generous.
  6. Everybody is (Secretly) Looking Forward to Savasana — It is on the menu. Wink, wink.


Now, what’s a nice boy like you doing home alone on a Saturday night? Wanna go to yoga?

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3 Comments to 6 ways yoga is like dating

  1. So many giggles :D :D This is truth though! Now if only I could sweet talk my hubs into going to yoga with me. “Hey boy, why you sittin’ there all alone playin’ those video games? Wanna go to yoga?”