ASK YIFY: what do i bring to a yoga potluck?

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You have burning questions. I see them in your eyes . . . through the computer screen. (That’s kind of creepy isn’t it?) It’s a testament to my sixth sense. I’m legit. No 900 numbers, either. Ain’t no Miss Cleo up in here. My rate is: FREE.

This is a new series. World Premiere. ASK YIFY. Send me your yoga questions. I’ll answer ’em. I won’t laugh at you — I will be laughing with you. Like Vanilla Ice says, “If there was a problem, yo, I’ll solve it!” And I will. Anything for you. Now, on to our first Q + A . . .

Q: Dear YIFY, There is this yoga potluck party thing tomorrow. Would it be inappropriate to bring a bag of beef jerky? Love, Re

A: Dear Re, Please do not take a bag of jerky. It will make you look like a jerky. It would be cool if you whipped up some tofu, kale, or dulse jerky . . . or some sort of dehydrated magic, but definitely NOT beef.

Alternatively, you can hit up your local raw or vegan place (or Whole Foods) and get some cookies or truffles. That’ll make you look like the rockstar potluck-goer. Then tell everyone you had the dessert blessed by a shaman. Boom! Good Luck and Party On, YIFY

Chocolate truffle

Let’s do this! I’m excited to get this rolling and aim to feature a new question a few times a month. (You are also welcome to send me for-my-eyes-only questions. I won’t share those — I can answer you via email.) If ever I don’t know the answer, I’ll find someone dazzling who does and report back to you.



Also, mad love to the homie Re, who inspired me to create this series with the awesomely wacky questions he sends me. Re — your emails are like really, really good crack chocolate. xo!

photo credit: Gourmet Candy Maker

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