8 things muggles (non-yoga people) don’t understand about us yogis + yoginis

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Ah, muggles. Blisslessly unaware of the fireworks, calm, and expansiveness yoga can bring. Our mission as huge-hearted yogi/nis: share our magically delicious yoga with all who are open to it! But, alas, there will always be muggles, the non-yoga peeps … specifically the ones who think we’re a gaggle of kooky mat-huggers. And we are. So what?

8 Things Muggles { Non-Yoga People } Don’t Understand About Us Yogis + Yoginis:

  1. Why are you always packing that damned mat around? Think of it as a purse/wallet. It’s our currency for life. Think of it as a security blanket. It keeps us in touch with our realest, deepest selves. Think of it as a light saber. It helps us kick ass, on the mat and off.
  2. But yoga is just stretching… Perhaps. If you mean stretching your mind, spirit, potential, awareness, ability to remain open, capacity of the heart, and expanding your container. Huh. Then, YES…it IS stretching.
  3. Don’t you have to be x, y, or z { skinny, young, blah, blah, blah } to do yoga? If you can move your body and breathe, you can boogie. You know. Practice. Now get down with your bad self.
  4. But isn’t yoga that weird tantric sh*t? Look. Not everything is about sex, fool. Sure, in class everyone is sweaty and hot and writhing and dripping and concentrating and opening up and … um, what were we talking about? Oh yeah. Get yo mind outta the gutter. Yoga is a way of life, a science, a path. Let’s not reduce it to that scene you saw in Sex & the City or the Sting rumors you’ve heard.
  5. It’s a cult!!!! I’m worried about you… Field trip time. Head on over to your local yoga studio. I’ll pay you $1,000 if they’re serving grape Kool-Aid and handing out black Nikes.
  6. If you put your hands together like you’re praying, how is that different from religion? We are acknowledging each other, our deepest selves, and the divinity that is everywhere. It’s like MC Hammer said (well…without the churchy stuff), “We need to know. Living high, living good, living long. Take a minute, bust a prayer, and you’re good to go.” The divine in me bows to the divinity around me. That’s word. Not religion.
  7. Good Gawd, do you have to talk about it all the time?! We can’t help it. Blame the prana, our tongues want to dance in merriment and do what I call the yogic conversational drive-by. We’re ready for any opportunity to bust a yogic cap and tell you how awesome it is.
  8. Shouldn’t you be driving a Prius, wearing Birkenstocks, and protesting somewhere? WTF do you think this is? Millennium Woodstock? You’re trying my yogic patience. Poof! You’re now a frog. Nice Bhekasana (that’s Frog Pose for you muggles)!

If you could wave your magic yoga wand, what would you want the world to understand about us yoga people?

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14 Comments to 8 things muggles (non-yoga people) don’t understand about us yogis + yoginis

  1. You have such great lists! But I have to ask…have you been listening to Time Life’s Old School Hip Hop collection? In September alone you’ve referenced “The Humpty Dance,” “Baby Got Back,” and Hammer. Wherever you’re getting your inspiration…I like it!


  2. I love a good list. And this is a great list!
    I guess what I would like the muggles to understand is more of #3 – that anyone can do yoga and benefit from it. You’re never too old, too inflexible, the wrong sex, etc. I’ve finally talked my 76 year old mom to give it a try :)

  3. Love the idea of calling non-yoga type people “muggles”, that’s great!

    I’d be waving not my magic wand, but my magic incense stick around, chanting Oooommmmmm, and what I’d want those muggles to understand is that hey, we can do it anywhere, any time. We don’t need no special clothes, no super-mat… if you catch me unawares you just might find me in a mid-afternoon headstand, just for the sheer joy of it! ;)

  4. @YogaBird – This cracked me up! In all truth, I own no Time Life collections. However, I am such a music person. I listen to everything, but have a particular fondness for 90s hip hop, rap, and R&B. :)

    @Maria – I love that you’ve brought your mom into our cult. :P She must be quite the kick-ass lady. I see arm balances and inversions in her future. I plan to still be rocking them in my 70s+.

    @Nikki – One of the things I like best about you is your ability to cut straight to it. :)

    @Svasti – Beautiful, magical, sparkly you! I can totally picture you, magic incense stick in hand (or perhaps perched in your hair temporarily) while gracefully and effortlessly holding sirsasana.

  5. #3 – Exactly the reason I am becoming a yoga teacher. Yoga is for every body – it doesn’t mattter your age, ability or size. I think there is a quote that says

    “if you can breathe you can do yoga”

    muggles – too funny!

  6. Namaste!

    I thoroughly enjoy your light-hearted approach to mantra and yoga (or should I say mantra-yoga).

    Please refer all Muggles to my somewhat more serious website for an explanation that sometimes helps to grab them.

    Muz Murray

  7. I love your blog! So funny and spot-on! This post especially cracked me up…it’s true…muggles just don’t get it!
    I put you on my blogroll….hope that’s ok!
    My site is athayoganusasanam.wordpress.com

  8. I think I need to link this to a few people….

    PS. Would you stop with the HP references? I really can’t afford the trip to LA to steal you from your bf.

  9. HYSTERICAL and so true. If only my non-yogi friends understood… at least we have a huge community of yogilicious souls <3

  10. Some people seem to think it’s easy. I had a (female)friend crack up at the thought of someone injuring themselve doing yoga. Another one is that it’s just for women. Whenever I hear that from a buddy I challenge them to try a class. Would be a good lesson for them.