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27 things to know about yoga book

I am the juicy caboose on the train of Victoria Klein’s blog book tour. Natch! :)

She’s a yogini. Her writing cred = legit (Ode Magazine, Yoga Journal, Yogi Times, Gaiam, Tree Hugger, and more). She rocks tattoos and she knits. You want to know this girl. And I bet you want to read her book. Guess who has a free copy for one lucky duck?! Me.

7 Things to Know About Victoria Klein:

1. If you were a pose, which one best embodies the real you and why?

“That’s an easy one — Tree Pose all the way. I can get scatterbrained and take on far too much at once. Thankfully, I’m also organized. Tree Pose is the ultimate in balance & flexibility. No matter what huge waves life has thrown at me, I simply sway a bit and come back to where I started, refocusing my life & moving forward.”

2. You just got married last year — congrats! Do you and your husband practice together?

“Thank you! Unfortunately, no, we don’t practice yoga together. We did take a few classes together when we lived in San Francisco. He enjoys yoga but prefers the class environment, which can get expensive, and I enjoy maintaining a strong practice at home.

Side note: my husband will be in Marines boot camp in South Carolina when this post goes live, so I’m sure he’ll need some yoga when he gets back.” :)

3. I read that you’ve moved over 20 times since childhood. Was yoga your calm within the storm? 

“Oh boy howdy, I wish I had yoga during most of those moves! I wasn’t introduced to yoga until 2000/2001, so my childhood way yoga-less. On the plus side, when I moved from Connecticut to San Francisco and back to CT 3 years later, yoga was a huge lifesaver. Without a doubt, yoga has helped me maintain my sanity through the varying degrees of insanity that my life has presented to me. Now-a-days, if I ever feel physically or emotionally overwhelmed, I know it’s time for yoga.”

4. Tell us about your yoga and what it means to you.

“Yoga is my therapy, my lifeline to my true self. I’d spent a lot of my life feeling very disconnected, both from my mind and my body. Though my yoga practice was sporadic for many years, the more I do yoga (both physically and in everyday principle), the more I can think clearly, smile often, and feel like a whole being instead of just the sum of some random not-always-working parts.”

5. You love quotes as much as I do! What is the one that best defines your life philosophy?

“Oh, now this is a tough question! I’d have to say, ‘Our life is shaped by our mind; we become what we think.’ – Buddha

Our minds have immense power that science is just beginning to grasp, and not in relation to our bodies, but our feelings, our perceptions, and our subconscious biases. Change your mind and your change your world.”

6. Biggest pet peeve in yoga class? And the thing you love most?

“Another tough question — it’s easy to find many things to be irritated about, but more difficult to find the positive side (though 100% worth it!).

My biggest yoga class pet peeve is a two-way tie between cell phones & talking. Not only should your cell phone be off, it shouldn’t even be in class with you! If your life is so busy that you think you need your phone during yoga, you need more than yoga — you need a total life overhaul.

Along the same lines, if you can’t get through a 60-90 minute class without talking, then go home and talk to yourself while you practice. If you really want to chat with those in your class, make a date to meet up some other time — don’t socialize when the rest of us students are trying to focus (which, by the way, is what you should be doing too).

My all-time favorite thing about yoga classes is hands-on adjustments — I know that sounds naughty, but hear me out. I practice yoga at home every other day and it is easy to get too comfortable in poses. Having a teacher watching me from an outside perspective provides priceless assistance. I’m not a physically shy person, so take your hands and move me to where I should be — that way I’ll know what the pose should really feel like.”

7. If there were a 28th thing you could add to the book, what would it be?

“This is the toughest question yet. Off the top of my head, I’d add a section about how yoga can benefit any other fitness method, such as running, football, swimming, basketball, strength training … etc. & the poses that are best for each sport. This would be just another way to show folks how yoga is great for everyone.”

How to win yourself a copy of V’s book: 

Post your most creatively penetrating question for Victoria in the comments section below. She’ll pick the one she’d love to answer most { and will answer it in the comments }. The chosen questioner wins a free copy of 27 Things to Know About Yoga! { Questions due in by next Thursday, September 23rd at 11:11pm. }

Victoria’s Website: victoriaklein.net

Where to Purchase the Book: amazon

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12 Comments to 7 Things to Know About Victoria Klein { Author of 27 Things to Know About Yoga } + Book Giveaway

  1. we’re often reminded that our yoga practice doesn’t stop once we step off our mats and we’re encouraged to live our yoga daily. what yogic philosophies have had profound impact on your daily life? have you ever tried to practice a principle off the mat and found it more challenging than you thought? and how would you encourage someone to mold together these ancient yogic philosophies and principles into a modern life?

  2. If you had a room full of people who have never tried yoga before and you had to give them 3 poses to do in an attempt to try and convince them to start a yoga practice, which 3 poses would you have them do?

    I’d also love to know if there was any symbolism behind the number 27 and why you chose that particular number?

  3. Hey Lo, I know I live like far far away, but on my way to YTT I thought of a question: what is the thing that you don’t want to know right away when you start yoga?
    Yeah, you know I’m weird :-D

  4. how do you incorporate what you learn on the mat into your life?

    what lessons from the mat have guided your life?

    what are your thoughts on restorative yoga as a practice?

    i guess i couldn’t keep it to one. i really want this book!

  5. Guess who is the winner of her own gift certificate? Yep, ms. infinite capacity for love . . . Ill provide your email to CSN and you’ll receive a coupon code ASAP.

  6. I often hear people say that yoga conferences/festivals are too commercial, or that the selling of yoga related products is simply “unyogic”.

    Do you think that the commercialization of yoga is a good thing – or that modern yoga has lost its way?

  7. It’s easy to be yogic when we’re in the spot light, but what’s the most unyogic thing you do and don’t give a hoot about what other think of you because you know you’re human too.

  8. Hello everyone! Thank you ALL for you insightful & intriguing questions! It was very tough to pick a winner, but my hat goes off to EMMANUELLE for submitting the book-winning question: “What is the thing that you don’t want to know right away when you start yoga?”

    My response: Though I often frown on the excessive focus on the physical practice of yoga in the United States, I’m glad that I didn’t know too much about the spiritual side of yoga when I first started. Now that I am more experienced with the physical practice, exploring the spiritual and ethical concepts seems like a natural extension, but if I had known all of that stuff at the start, I would surely have been overwhelmed! In “27 Things to Know About Yoga”, I introduce readers to many facets of the physical practice, but also a gentle introduction to the spiritual side. This way, they are informed of more of the meaning behind the physical practice & are free to explore the additional concepts when they are ready.

    Don’t fret if you didn’t win your own copy of “27 Things to Know About Yoga” – at just $9.99, it fits into everyone’s budget. :)

    Last but certainly not least, I’m not one to resist a good question, so I have answered EVERYONE’S QUESTIONS on my own blog @ http://victoriaklein.net/blog/2010/09/27-things-to-know-about-yoga-answering-your-yoga-questions – come & ready my replies, and feel free to ask more questions!

  9. Thanks Victoria, I can’t wait to read your book!

    Also thanks for your answer, I can totally relate. I don’t think I was ready for the spiritual side when I started yoga, basically I just wanted to move a bit and let go of stress.
    The spiritual side came afterwards, but it comes eventually :-)