Projection and Protection from the Heart (kundalini meditation)

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projection and protection from the heart meditation kundalini yoga
Often we forget our heart center, though its pulsation keeps us living, breathing, and loving. When you are in touch with your anahata, you pull in good things. Yogi Bhajan noted that this particular meditation will give you “an enchanting, magnetic personality, with many unexpected friends.”

Now I know you are already enthralling, with more powers of attraction than a 10 foot magnet on the inside and out! But we are doing more here. We’re strengthening your magnetic field — your aura, and bathing you in protective light.

The chant used is one of my favorites, the one we use to tune in and begin our Kundalini practice for the day.


AAD GURAY NAMEH (i bow to the Primal Wisdom)
JUGAAD GURAY NAMEH (i bow to the Wisdom through the ages)
SAT GURAY NAMEH(i bow to the True Wisdom)
SIRI GUROO DAYVAY NAMEH (i bow to the great, unseen Wisdom)

how to practice projection protection from the heart


  1. Begin in Sukhasana/Easy Pose.
  2. Bring your palms together in Prayer Pose at your heart center, with the thumbs crossed one over the other (ladies: left thumb over right, gents: right thumb over left).
  3. Close your eyes and focus at your third eye/brow point.
  4. Chant, “AAD GURAY NAMEH” as you extend your arms out and up to a 60 degree angle.
  5. Inhale powerfully as you bring your arms in and hands back to heart center.
  6. Chant, “JUGAAD GURAY NAMEH” as you extend your arms out to 60 degrees again.
  7. Inhale, bringing the arms and hands back to center again.
  8. You’ll continue this in and out motion with your arms/hands as you cycle through the chant.
  9. Chant, “SAT GURAY NAMEH” arms out 60 degrees.
  10. Inhale, hands to prayer.
  11. Chant, “SIRI GUROO DAYVAY NAMEH” arms out 60 degrees.
  12. Inhale, hands to prayer.
  13. Do this for 11 minutes.
  14. Close with a deep inhale, retain your breath, exhale completely, and allow the breath to gently return to normal.


  • Project your consciousness outward as you chant
  • Visualize your magnetic field growing stronger, brighter, and more expansive
  • Feel your heart opening and the subsequent outpouring of love for yourself and others
  • Yogi Bhajan suggests adding 5 minutes per day (to the initial 11 min.) until you reach 31 minutes
  • It is okay if your palms part when you extend the arms to 60 degrees, but keep the fingertips together and make sure your thumbs stay crossed

Projection and Protection from the Heart Meditation as written above © Y is for Yogini, adapted from the original meditation created by Yogi Bhajan.

Videos for the visual learners:

Music to help with pronunciation (+ melodic inspiration!):

Practice this meditation, any time, any place. Your heart and aura will thank you.

All love!

(artwork credit: ann marie maxwell w/colorful additions by YIFY)

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5 Comments to Projection and Protection from the Heart (kundalini meditation)

  1. Wahe Guru! Great meditation. This is truly a beautiful and powerful practice. This was the first 40 day meditation that we did in my Kundalini Teacher Training with Gurmukh. I used Snatam Kaur’s version and sang along with it everyday. Thanks for sharing this meditation with us and for posting all those other links for musical renditions of the mantra!
    Sat Nam.

  2. One of my favorites, via Deva Primal. I’m going to try it today, and see if it feels right to take on right now. So lovely.