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I am notorious for my insomnia. My friends get super late/early emails and respond back with, “Really?! 4am?!” But they know it’s par for the course. Some of my Tweets are being sent out just as my East Coast yoga pals are waking up to start their day.

On the first day of TT, we sat in a circle and intro’d ourselves. I made a crack about how I hadn’t slept since I was in the womb. Now if people can’t remember my name they say, “You’re the one with insomnia.” Yeah. Could be worse, though. We have a colorful (and mouthy, lol) group. But however true, dishing isn’t yogic, so I’m going to halt there and purify my mind with salt collected by virgins. :)

Back to the sleepy biz. A few thoughts on my own personal brand of yoga nidra:

  1. When I do sleep, I often wind up in Vrksasana or Virabhadrasana 2. Yup, I’m a bed hog. (BTW, you should check out this funny post by the homegirl Erica, aka Spoiled Yogi for more yoga poses done sub/un/consciously.)
  2. At times, I wake up doing some sort of mudra in my boyfriend’s ear or armpit. It’s good to have a bendy girlfriend, but there are unexpected downsides.
  3. When you rarely snooze, you have lots, and I mean lots of time to read. I’m working on Light on Yoga, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, The Heart of Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, and a bazillion others.
  4. During those few precious hours of sleep, I’m still too busy in my mind to rest. I have wildly vivid dreams which are often quest or adventure-based. Sometimes I dream of yoga sequences and YTT. The other night I was balancing on my head, Iyengar-style.
  5. Everyone always asks if increasing my practice also ups the sleep count. Not really, but I will say that YTT does help me nap. Small win!
  6. The one time I fell asleep in Viparita Karani (at home) was a joyous event! Then I woke up and thought someone had vice-gripped my head while turning my legs into plywood. Ouch.
  7. If you need a sleep doc, I’m an expert in all the things that are supposed to make normal people sleep, but don’t work on the weirdos like me. Warm milk. Cool room. Lavender essential oil. A mallet.
  8. My #1 fantasy includes the expected: bf, candles, soft nature sounds (waterfall), and my snuggly fluffy cloud-bed. But that’s where the normalcy ends. The fantasy also includes the pleasant sounds of snoring (mine) and drooling (also mine, the kind you produce during the deepest, most delicious sleep).

Someday I hope to be able to get enough Z’s to fill a country full of Alphabet Soup. Until then, I’ll have to daydream and dream about it.

To get yourself schooled on the real Yoga Nidra, check out my yoga sista Abby’s awesome post!

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3 Comments to { yoga nidra } yogic sleep … uh, not exactly

  1. Abby: You betcha, much love to you, Mama! :)

    Emma: I’ve had this for so long, I’ve grown accustomed to pushing through it. You’d think I’d just keel over, but it must be some crazy survival instinct. I’m actually set up to do sleep study here in a few months. I’ll let you know how it goes. :) Thanks for caring about me. xoxo!