eleven sanskrit sayings { the 12 days of yoga }

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sanskrit sayings
On the 30th day of December, yoga gave to me

eleven sanskrit sayings…

ten tunes for tapas }

nine merry mantras }

eight gifts for giving }

seven chakras shocking }

six sirsas bobbing }

five moody mudras }

four heavy breathers }

three third eyes }

two turtle yogis }

and a yogini in the pose tree. }

Like my fellow yogi and yogini above, I am Sanskrit silly. I lurve Sanskrit and jump at the chance to learn new words. If you hang out here often (and golly, I sure hope you do!), you’ve probably noted that I like to blend English with Sanskrit…and sometimes a bit of French or Italian. I’m kooky like that. Well, I think it’s normal, but the bf says it’s…different. Who cares?! I’m obsessed with words and languages and the beauty of a toothsome verse. :)

I thought I might share a few of my favorite self-invented turns of phrase/Sanskrit hybrids.

11 Sanskrit Sayings:

1. Ain’t that the Satya! { satya = truth }

2. As the kaka flies. { kaka = crow } :P an old idiom brought to new life!

3. Hmph! That show-off struts like a kukkuta! { kukkuta = rooster }

4. Now that’s a janu-slapper. { janu = knee }

5. Boy you really put your pada in your mukha! { pada = foot, mukha = mouth }

6. Be still my anahata! { anahata = heart }

7. Pascima-Siiiide! { pascima = West } and you know the Westside is the best side. fo shizz.

8. Yow, you’re on tejas today! { tejas = fire }

9. I’m going to count to panca and you better answer me.  { panca = five }

10. Sitalio! { sitali = cooling } so, you know, “coolio!”

11. I feel the bhumi move under my feet. { bhumi = earth }

Fun, no? Try a few of these on for size or make up your own. Sanskrit is a beautiful language and making it yours in this kind of way brings familiarity and helps you learn!


Santi out, b*tches!

{ Holy December, only 1 day left! Until tomorrow, merry meet. }

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6 Comments to eleven sanskrit sayings { the 12 days of yoga }

  1. LMAO @ u! hilarity. Yow, you’re on tejas today… seriously you are the da bomb fo shizzle

  2. love it! while i was learning the sanskrit names for the asanas i’d refer to the dogs in different phrase.. matsyendrasana was my fav, although neither the boxer nor the rotti are fish like.. but the do like to twist!.. im so using that ain’t that the satya..
    happy new year to you..