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This is something I’m sure all yogis and yoginis have experienced before: the yogic let-down. Picture it, Sicily, 1913. Wait, my alter ego Sophia is fighting for air time. Let’s try that again. Picture it, you’re so pumped for a yoga class you’ve heard is the bomb. Not pipe-bomb good, but A-bomb rock-your-world. You show up, spend the hour and a half, and … disappointment. Lemon in your yogi eye!

Now I know every experience can’t be amazing. But some days you just need IT. Need the rush, the push, the dirty, wet, sweaty, gritty-but-pure absorption of it all. You know what I’m talkin’ ’bout. The gooooood stuff. And then pleh. No goodies for you.

That was tonight for me. The scene: a 2/3 candlelight flow class. The vibe in the room was weird, the teacher was completely disconnected, and the sequence left me really off-kilter. Sometimes we all have off nights (teachers, students, everyone), but there’s a difference between that and just-not-good. You guys know what I mean. You just feel it.

But tomorrow is a new day. And my yoga practice and spirit are buoyant, vast, and fierce.

Disappointment in yoga (and in life) can be a positive lesson if we use those lemons to make lemonade. Every class that I don’t particularly enjoy reminds me to take away something useful from each experience. I’ll remember these yogic let-down classes and strive to cultivate my own rock-your-worldness. :)

The quote says it all …

“Disappointment to a noble soul is what cold water is to burning metal; it strengthens, tempers, intensifies, but never destroys it.” — Eliza Tabor

Lemonade is good, but I might just make m*ther f*cking meringue.

artwork credit: Marty Mummert

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3 Comments to { yogic lemons } make yourself some damn good lemonade!

  1. I SO know what you mean! And it’s a huge drag when it happens. Thanks for the reminder that, indeed, the mat is just a micro version of the bigger lessons in life! Cheers to lemonade … or meringue. =)

  2. I love that quote – what a great way to think about disappointment. I really hope I have a noble soul!

    I agree that a class’ energy can suffer so much if the teacher is disconnected. Teachers are human and have “off” days just like everyone else, so I try not to judge them for this, but it can definitely change the energy in a room.