hot + crunchy + colorful @ bhakti fest 2012

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The YIFY fan club + I were at Bhakti Fest over the weekend. They are so dedicated. The fan club doesn’t really talk or even blink, but I know they have my back when it counts. They like to snuggle, too.

krishna dolls
Didn’t make it out? Don’t sweat it (we did enough of that for you — 100°+). Got lots o’ shots for sharing so you can feel the flow vicariously:

flax ice cream

Le kirtan devotees.

Yoga = Sanctuary.

hula hooper
Love this girl! Stopped by to admire her purple bangs, stayed for her bubbly energy. (Jeanne @ Live Circus Sustenance)

bhakti t-shirt

your identity is defined by you tee
Tees @ the Mantralogy booth.

colorful skirts
om graffiti
Graffiti board + truth.

colorful butterfly girl by outi art
Beautiful artwork by Outi Harma. (Outi Art)

hair oil sign

ganesha doll
Ganesh says hi. (Radha Krishna Dolls of Love)


check out stilospotting @ namastilo:


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3 Comments to hot + crunchy + colorful @ bhakti fest 2012

  1. Please tell me you picked up a few of those fabulous skirts!! Twirling and yoga would be fabulous in that bright yellow :) And i’m absolutely in love with that bhakti shirt!! glad you had fun.. xo