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It’s in our blood, our breath, our DNA. We yoga here, there, and everywhere, without even thinking on it.


All photos by Lo, © Y is for Yogini

seane corn in tree pose at wanderlust{ Seane Corn takes Vrksasana when she checks in to hotels. }

doggie tadasana wanderlust{ His Tadasana is even more impressive when you know that this doggie is on a cable car rising 8,200 feet. Woof! }

climbers sculpture art{ These climbers find that Malasana is key to yogic and mountainous ascension. }

yoga twister wanderlust{ Yoga Twister. I spy a gumby lunge and a variation on Marichyasana! }

savasana dog wanderlust{ Ahhhh, Savasana. It’s a rough life. }

padottanasana wanderlust{ A nice easy version of Prasarita Padottanasana while waiting in the looooong line. }

boots at wanderlust{ A slightly scandalous Parsvottanasana. }

We take our yoga everywhere. Where do you yoga without thinking about it?

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9 Comments to yoga, yoga everywhere at wanderlust california

  1. I tend to be most yogic in stores, or lines at coffee shops. I don’t know why. I broke out sundial yesterday while buying coffee beans.

    These are lovely!

  2. I have done it for a long time, but just recently realized that I place one of my feet in tree pose position when I sleep at night…guess it was always a harbinger of my yoga life to come! :) Thanks for sharing your photos!