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yoga festival textures at wanderlust california

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A colorful tapestry of bodies, art, flavor, and funk… { yarrr! it’s a yogi with pirate socks! } { giving an adjustment. loved her legwarmers + fun pedicure. } { our lady of yoga } { more happy babies, babes, and bebes } We’re all part of the same brilliant...

yoga, yoga everywhere at wanderlust california

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It’s in our blood, our breath, our DNA. We yoga here, there, and everywhere, without even thinking on it. All photos by Lo, © Y is for Yogini { Seane Corn takes Vrksasana when she checks in to hotels. } { His Tadasana is even more impressive when you know...

wanderlust california in 11 photos

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Yoo hoo! I’m back in full effect, though still woozy with the wondrously wanton wawesomeness that was Wanderlust California. Whoop whoop, wowzers, and whew sums it up wather wicely — I mean, rather nicely. :) You know I like to keep it real, so I want to share the wonder...