YOGA IN LA: the animated guide

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You’ve always wanted to know how the other half lives yogas. This is my city. My lifeblood. My ‘hood. And this, this is how we California roll . . .

Your Guide to Yoga in LA:

1. Today is Kirtan?!?!?!



2. Chanel bag, perfect highlights, just hopped out the Ferrari. Front desk says class rates went up:



3. Real yoga housewives stop during Sun Salutations to dissect the class’ performance (*occurs only in Beverly Hills, Brentwood, or Santa Monica above Wilshire):



4. Real estate broker / “actor” / “producer” / douchebag plunks his mat down next to you. Again. His usual (how does this not work?!) line:



5. Your mat’s not Manduka?!



6. Uhmmm, Savasana?



7. After-class vegan snack at Cafe Gratitude or Rawvolution:



8. When we take yoga classes in other cities, states, countries:


I encourage you to laugh along heartily. But know this, if you aren’t from LA, I better not catch you talkin’ shit about my citayyy. You have to be from here for that honor.


La La Land, Represent!


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4 Comments to YOGA IN LA: the animated guide

  1. Dayum, Lo. Take me home. I lived, worked, par-tayed in LA for 25 yrs, and I’ve been gone for 20+, and it was JUST LIKE THAT and it kinda chokes me up to see it hasn’t changed because that’s the way Angelenos do EVERYTHING!

    I just need a little moment here.

  2. Heehee! This is certainly a yoga animal of a different colour. :D

    We sure don’t have any yoga animals like that over here in Oz!