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The Meaning of Brahmacharya:

In Sanskrit, BRAHMACHARYA is the blending of two words — Brahma (God, creation) + Charya (to follow). While common translations include celibacy and restraint in many forms, there’s an elevated meaning that perfectly encapsulates the guidance we seek. Brahmacharya = utilizing our vital energy/chi/life force, for our HIGHEST purposes.

  • Where do you fritter your energy away? Social media? An endless to-do list? Worrying? Pull out your life scissors and cut it off!
  • Are there places your chi is diverted, areas that don’t serve the Self in a nurturing manner? Think: one-sided relationships, toxic food or libations, and practices that harm rather than heal or help.
  • Which negative attachments can you slough off?
  • This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy fun things you love. What it does mean is watching your energy and making mindful choices as to where you flow your life force.

There is no time like the present to drop all the bullshit. Your vital energy is precious — direct it toward your Highest Self.

Question: What can you release in order to regain your energy + redirect to good?

Brahmacharya written in Devanagari:
brahmacharya devanagari script art


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  1. I never really thought of brahmacharya this way, but it makes perfect sense!! I’m ready to spend less time “checking in” and start spending more time out in nature with the lil guy! Talk about energy filling ;) xo thanks for the reminder love!