Partner Yoga: the (hilarious) animated guide

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Nothing unites, inspires, or elicits palm sweat more than Partner Yoga. In the yogic olden days, yoga à deux was treated with reverence instead of modern times’ nervous giggles, tittering, thoughts of horizontal mambos, and creative eye-squints to imagine what your partner looks like naked. Busted!

Whether you’ve paired up for yoga or not, everyone can take hysterical solace in this exploration of Partner Yoga. Double your pleasure, double your fun!

PARTNER YOGA: the animated guide

what non-yogis imagine when they hear “partner yoga”:
tantric yoga couple(source: roca bruja)

what you imagine it’s going to be like:
acro yoga spins(source: fitanne)

acro yoga partners(source: the standard)

and if it’s the romantic kind of partner yoga:
romantic yoga(source: digressions of symmetry)

but sometimes this happens:
turtle yoga class(source: imgur)

when the teacher surprises you (oh, f*ck) with partner yoga work in a regular class:
surprise partner yoga time!(source: #whatshouldbetchescallme)

and your (total stranger) yoga partner tries to get fresh. DENIED:
denied by dog(source: #whatshouldwecallme)

or when the teacher makes you switch from YOUR significant other as a partner to some rando:
switch partners. aww shit!(source: #whatshouldwecallme)

this is called lazy partner yoga:
lazy cats snuggling(source: #whatshouldbetchescallme)

when you practice at home with your feline friend:
partner yoga with cat(source: acid martinii)

and last, but not least, what your boyfriend envisions when you invite him to “partner yoga”:
taylor lautner getting sexy(source: yes ask me relationships)

Sometimes it takes two to Trikonasana.

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4 Comments to Partner Yoga: the (hilarious) animated guide

  1. My dog, Lucy, could totally be a stunt double for the “yoga partner get denied”!
    Same dog and aparently same boundaries!

    • LOL. It’s crushing when you want to kiss them + squeeze them so badly and you get snubbed. ;) My kid (chocolate lab) has finally grown to love my sloppy kisses!