YOGA GIFT GUIDE: serious about savasana

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yoga gift guide: serious about savasana

Giving the gift of Savasana is like helping someone open up to deep self-care, allowing for space and being, and tapping in to the magical powers of REST. Savasana is serious business. I love the idea of gifting loved ones anything that will support healing. Behold, all the things that will set the mood and unfurl your giftee’s best Savasana yet…

YOGA GIFT GUIDE: Serious About Savasana

yoga gift list: savasana


1. Yoga Pug Socks (ASOS / $5.69) — Nothing wrecks a cozy Savasana like ice cold feet. These adorable socks’ll keep you warm + make you smile when you see them.

2. Bucky Comfort Bolster Pillow (BUCKY / $34.95) — I have this pillow and the natural millet hulls are awesome; like a bean bag, but much more comfy. It’s perfect in the curve of your neck.

3. Is It Savasana Time? Tee (LOOK HUMAN / $30) — Too cute with a super soft cotton blend. You can customize it in a number of ways to suit yourself or your giftee!

4. Soothing Lavender Oil Roll On (AURA CACIA / $6.79) — This. Is. My. Favorite. I have three; one for my handbag, one for my satchel, and one in my toiletry kit. Smells AMAZING. Nothing relaxes like lavender.

5. Master of Savasana Tee (AWESOME BEST FRIENDS T’S / $25.95) — An awesome tee for your favorite yogi. He’ll dig it, guaranteed.

6. Microplush Down Alternative Throw (AEOLUS / $24.99) — Yet another fab thing I have multiples of! Light as a feather, warm warm warm, and so snuggly. Being covered up during Savasana soothes and relaxes.

7. Pro Yoga Mat (MANDUKA / $100) — When they say “luxuriously dense,” they mean it. You can practice and Savasana to your heart’s content, without hurty joints or grinding bones.

8. Soy Tealight Candles: Set of 25 (SOYWORX / $16.99) — Candles can set just the right mood for Savasana. These burn clean, are unscented, and wholly vegan.

9. White Cloud Sleep Mask (JULIA WINE / $15.00) — Sleep masks are the BEST. If your eyes like to spring open and wander about, a mask will gently prevent it. And a little light pressure on the eyes tells the whole body to relax.

10. Standard Bolster (HUGGER MUGGER / range from $61-$90) — Place it under the knees to release the overarch in the lower back during Savasana. Ahhhhh. These come in a multitude of colors and prints and last for ages.


Happy Gifting + Many Happy Savasanas! :)

(savasana girl artwork credit: netplaces)

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