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isvarapranidhana sanskrit translation meaning

Sometimes life gives lemons. And not luscious Meyer lemons, but sour, mean, puckery ones.
Life: “Oh, hello…it’s me. Boy, do I have some serious fuckery in store for you!”
You: “Bitch, I ain’t got time to make lemonade!”

This is where isvarapranidhana comes in as saving grace, mantra, perspective.

The Meaning of Isvarapranidhana:

  • Isvarapranidhana (also: Ishvarapranidhana and Ishvara Pranidhana) is the combination of two root words: Surrender (Pranidhana) and Higher Power/Source/Spirit (Isvara).
  • Instead of Self or Ego; Spirit. Rather than Clinging or Attachment; Surrender.
  • Shiva Rea’s thoughts: “Isvarapranidhana is a big picture yoga practice. It initiates a sacred shift of perspective that helps us to remember, align with, and receive the grace of being alive.”

You don’t have to carry the weight of the world’s lemons on your shoulders. The next time one rolls along, OFFER IT UP TO A HIGHER POWER. Release it. Let it go. Who needs all that acid? Instead, we release the bitter, and practice recognizing and enjoying all the sweetness that surrounds us. This is the nectar of surrender.

Isvarapranidhana written in Devanagari:

ishvarapranidhana devanagari sanskrit written

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artwork credit: © Y is for Yogini

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14 Comments to ISVARAPRANIDHANA (learn sanskrit words + devanagari script!)

  1. Love this description of isvarapranidhana! This has always been hard for me to grasp in an applicable way, but I’ve been working on it lately, and I like adding these thoughts to that. :)

  2. N – you are the lemonade queen!

    Anna – i like to keep it real. :D love u!

    Mad – sending you lots of sweet!

    April – brevity is the soul of wit. ;)

    Elena – yay! i’m so glad you’re here with me offering it up. i’m working hard at it.

  3. Loving your hand-written text Sanskrit!

    I’m all about the isvarapranidhana right now. We all gotta learn to give it up, baby. Just give it up.

    And if you really want lemonade, get someone else to make it, I say! ;)

  4. As usual your reading my mind. I have been thinking about surrender and trust and all that stuff lately. Or rather I have been grappling with it.

  5. Oh, I am so tired of making lemonade! Thought my only other option was to juggle the stupid lemons (cause what I really wanted to do was throw them at someone!), but now I will just release them……relax, and let them roll off of my fingertips and onto the ground. Thank you for imagery I can really use with my practice!

  6. Lisa – You know it! My bf said the same thing. He looked really confused when I read the post to him. :P I think that’s why it’s common to break it up into two words or hyphenate it. They don’t want to scare people off…

    Svasti – You noticed! Yup, that’s me getting crafty with my beloved marker set. ;) Btw, do you know where I can find someone to make my lemonade? May have to enlist the doggie and the kitters.

    Keishua – I do my best. ;) I’m a controller, so surrender isn’t exactly my forte. That said, even an old dog can learn new tricks.

    Diana – Amen! I’m a lemon-thrower, too, but I suppose that won’t get us anywhere in life. Best to let ’em go. ;)

    Crystal – Thank you, my dear! :D