six sirsas bobbing { the 12 days of yoga }

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singing yoga cookies
On the 17th day of December, yoga gave to me

six sirsas bobbing…

five moody mudras }

four heavy breathers }

three third eyes }

two turtle yogis }

and a yogini in the pose tree. }

Sirsa is “head” in Sanskrit (as in Sirsasana). And the heads of the gingy yogis and yoginis above are definitely bobbing (and singing) to the six awesome songs I’ve listed here. They’re perfect for practice, 99.9% guaranteed not to offend, distract, detract, or put off. Miraculous, right?! Juuuuust trust me. I am musically fiendish. My collection is unrivaled. Plus — I had help from my sugary friends!

The mischievous-looking guy on the top left says song #1 (by the incomparable Al Green) is one of the sexiest and sultriest he’s ever heard. And he knows that kind of stuff…popular with the gingy ladies and all.

Six sirsas, six yogis + yoginis, six songs (click the titles to hear the songs @ itunes/youtube):

  1. Simply Beautiful – Al Green
  2. Samba da Bencao – Bebel Gilberto
  3. Namaste { Sadhana Remix } – Maneesh De Moor
  4. Love You – Bloomfield
  5. India Love Affair – Aakarshan
  6. L’Aventure Fantastique – Fantastic Plastic Machine

“I know you’re bobbin’ ya head, cause I can see ya!” — Dr. Dre

{ 6 more days coming atcha! }  

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3 Comments to six sirsas bobbing { the 12 days of yoga }

  1. Okay, I confess. I started singing the twelve days of yoga in my head and it totally works.
    …For some reason singing cookies crack me up. I love this series.