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8 Ways Yoga Saves

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Yoga saves. This is scientifically, spiritually, and pranically proven. Argumentation is futile. Belief comes swiftly. 8 Ways Yoga Saves: Yoga pulls us out of (and keeps us from) the deep, dark tarpits of despair, depression, and deprecation. Yoga saves the people we love from our tantrums, tongue-lashings, and sour-like-bad-milk moods....

don’t be an asshole. remember to say “thank you.”

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There is a growing epidemic, my friends, and my sincerest hope is that you have not been afflicted. This serious dis-ease is called Degenerative Thank You Dementia. The cause? Being ungrateful. Expecting. Feeling entitled. And otherwise being an asshole. You don’t want to be a cack, do you? No. The...

yoga how you like! { doowutchyalike }

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Ahem years ago { a lady never tells }, I was born unto this rich earth. TODAY IS ME BIRFFDAY! And I plan on rocking my fuchsia bejeweled plastic tiara { yup, i have one — wearing it now as i type }, pulling on my wellies, and doing whatever...