the yoga salute { i pledge allegiance to my yoga practice }

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When my hand finds my heart at a tuning-in moment or amid meditation, I like to think of it as softly, soulfully pledging allegiance to my practice. Loyalty to Self, Spirit (whatever that may mean for you), and one’s own Path. Word is Bond.

The Yoga Salute:

I pledge allegiance to my yoga practice and united states of consciousness,

and to the eight limbs for which it stands,

one yoga mat, under the stars, indivisible, with peace and samadhi for all.


Let your yoga flag fly.

all © Y is for Yogini

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17 Comments to the yoga salute { i pledge allegiance to my yoga practice }

  1. Been missing in blog land for a while but it’s so nice to come back to read these! Short, simple, and so so sweet in a YIFY kinda way :) xo