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Well, do you?! (Okay, not you, my fellow yogis and yoginis. I freaking love you guys. Dearly. I’m talking to my life.)

There are times when I feel like a well-oiled machine. Sleek, quick-firing, and infinitely capable. But just a machine. Everywhere I turn, somebody wants something. Somebody needs something. Every mo fo wants a piece of this.

All do. No be.

Sometimes I want to scream. My high tech nuts and bolts threaten to traject (danger! danger!), putting out the wide-open eyes of innocent bystanders. But I don’t and they don’t. Because state-of-the-art machines are nearly perfect. They don’t break down. They don’t get sick. They don’t stop.

Once upon a time, when people used to complain to me, “Oh gawd. My phone is always ringing. People are flocking about. My calendar is packed. I’m just soooo busy!” I’d always say, “But it’s nice to be wanted.” I never realized what an unintentionally maddening response that was. Sometimes, it ISN’T nice to be wanted. Not in a demanding manner.

The other day, mind spinning after looking at my calendar and inboxes and to-do lists, yearly lists, 5-year plan, and life list, I thought, “Yoga.”

Yesssss. Yoga. Yoga doesn’t want anything from me. It brings me things to look at, to confront, to work at if I choose to. It suggests, it does not press. And it also lets me BE in my body. (I’m never in there, you know, I live in a penthouse suite in my head.) It helps me forget the upcoming deadlines, X’s wants, Y’s needs, Z’s demands, the daily cacophony.

Yoga, I f*cking love you. Thank you for accepting my whole pie as is and not just wanting to take a piece.

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13 Comments to do you want a piece of this?!

  1. If only we were just well-oiled machines with parts that need fixing and that’s all. But we’re not.

    We have these big ol’ juicy hearts that need tending to and that ain’t a part of the machine.

    So please my cosmic twin – please slow down a touch – coz it’d be good to keep ya around for a real long time. No falling apart on account of blowing a gasket, ‘kay?

    But as you say, yoga doesn’t press. Yoga is love – an antidote to all of the madness. Huzzah for yoga!

    *big hugs* xxx

  2. Great post.LOL… What you say about the mental penthouse is way familiar, too. It is funny/scary what our mind can get up to when we don’t make time to connect with the body. I know that I literally get wound up unless I make that time.

  3. get out of my head! this is exactly how i was feeling yesterday.. let’s get our yoga on and say thank you, hug ourselves and get back to the flow..

  4. Is it wrong that Britney’s “Piece of Me” is springing right to my mind when I read your blog? Is it some form of yoga I have yet to try?
    *should go to bed*

  5. Wow I’m a little jealous, I think I’m living in a two bedroom apartment in my head…must upgrade to the penthouse ;)
    I needed this post today – just scheduled a nice long sweaty yoga class tonight so I can just be! Maybe this is why I effin love yoga so much – it gives me an escape from my honking ass 2 do list.