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Ahem years ago { a lady never tells }, I was born unto this rich earth. TODAY IS ME BIRFFDAY! And I plan on rocking my fuchsia bejeweled plastic tiara { yup, i have one — wearing it now as i type }, pulling on my wellies, and doing whatever the fuck I like. Speaking of that…

Your yoga belongs to you and no one else. Know what that means? You have carte blanche. You possess absolute and utter freedom to doowutchyalike. And yoga how you like!



  1. Wear what you feel good in. { We don’t give an argyle sock what they think! }
  2. Modification is magical. { Not ready for the big kahuna? Take the prep pose. Got the pose mastered? Get a little peacocky with it! I love a little flourish here and there. }
  3. Sigh it all out. Use your breath to let go of what you’re holding on to. { Sure I poke fun at the Darth Vaders of the yoga world, but if you need a big ass lion rawr or a horsey-lipped exhale, take one! }
  4. If your body does something funny, laugh! { But let’s not make it a habit…especially you gassy types. }
  5. Faceplanting is the sign of a brave and adventurous soul. { Try something new (and quite possibly scary) and stand firm in your pioneering fierceness! }
  6. If you can’t remember the name for a pose, make one up. { Everyone else will think you know something they don’t and it might just catch on. }

Yoga is LIFE. This is yours. As RuPaul says, “You bettah WORK!” Now get your ass out there and live your way. I’ll be waiting for you.

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25 Comments to yoga how you like! { doowutchyalike }

  1. Adore this.. sharing it epically (yep made that word up) and adore you! busting a few faceplants and bakasanas in your honor today. xoxoxo

  2. Happy Birthday Lo! Doin’ whatchalike goes for yoga and ALL things in life (within reason)! I for one am eliminating things I DON’T like everyday – and it’s liberating! Love this!

  3. Happy fuckin’ birthday mah-gal! (Ain’t bleeping that out, neither!!)

    I swear, one day we’ll be face-planting together and having a riotous giggle about it at the same time.


  4. have i told you recently that I LOVE you? Perhaps no, well sunshine light of my life, you rock my world!

    As far as the doowutyalike, we all gotta let our freak flag fly sometimes and yoga is the perfect place to do it! Sometimes yous just gots to do what yas gots to do..
    hugs and loves baby girl on your special day!

  5. Happy Birthday Lo!

    I’m all about #6 – love making up funny ass names for yoga poses! If you haven’t already – I think you should write a post with the funniest pose names!

    Enjoy your day and have some fuckin fun out there in LA LA land.

  6. Wow, love this, especially the part about faceplanting. Thank you, and happy birthday!

  7. Happy birthday baddest mofo yogini evah!
    Right now I’m wearing jeans and a fitness top, the same I wore this morning when I taught because I don’t sweat, evah, even when demonstrating hundreds of chaturanga dandasana aka mothafuckasana. Which I perfectly do, ’nuff said.
    Keep shining your light!

  8. Happy birthday, Lo! You and your posts are fierce and fabulous – always!! <3

    I'll try to face-plant in honor of you today!

  9. Booooyah, Beeyotch! Happy happy happy birthday to you, my wild child sister of the soul. I adore you and bow in your general badass direction.

  10. A wise guru told me it’s healthy to face plant on your birthday… all that blood rushing to your face might make you look a year younger. Happy birthday you badass you!

  11. I’m new here… so, hi. I just knew that you were a fellow Taurus… my b-day is Sunday – we’re practically twins.

    Happy birthday, new friend. I am very glad the Universe led me to your kickass blog.

  12. hope you had an awesome birthday girl! love the post, especially the faceplant one. its hardcore to crash on your face, rock a black and blue chin and then brag that it happened to you in yoga class.

  13. Can’t remember if I commened on this one yet or not… just in case…

    Happy Birthday!!! I always need a reminder to smile when I fall out of a pose instead of getting frustrated :)