Peepayama (the yogic art of peep breath)

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* This is a guest post for YIFY from Guru Peep, resident Peepayama teacher. *

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It is I, Guru Peep. Look into my eyes. I teach from my marshmallow soul — pure, sweet, and deep. Trust.

Peepayama is an important element of any practice, whether for those made of sugar (peepkind) or water (humans and animals). The breath keeps your feathers unruffled, calms the mind, and ensures that you remain on your yogic path. All marshmallow peeps practice yoga.

How To Practice Peepayama, Yogic Peep Breath:

Step 1 – Slowly inhale to a count of 10. Your peepaphragm will contract; let your sparkly chest rise + puff outward (see mine below). It should look fluffy and full.

peep pranayama
Step 2 – Retain the breath for 10 seconds. Keep the mind quiet. Do not panic. There are no cats nearby. You are safe and living in your breath.

If you begin to turn blue…

blue bunny marshmallow peep
…lower your count to 5. An advanced Peepayama peeptitioner knows to respect his/her limits.

Step 3 – Exhale slowly to a count of 10. Let go of all worries, all pesky thoughts of having your head bitten off, the stresses of possibly becoming part of a Smore. Release everything that doesn’t serve you. Hold the breath out for 10 counts.

Continue to cycle through this Peepayama exercise for as long as you like. We never age, so we have all the time in the world. With practice, you’ll begin to look like me:

green chick marshmallow peep
calm, cool, chill, peeptastic. Your heart center will be light, fluffy, and springy. It will taste good, too, but I don’t recommend eating yourself.

peeps do yoga
The Divine in me bows to the Divine in you. Namaste.

all photos: © Y is for Yogini

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10 Comments to Peepayama (the yogic art of peep breath)

  1. Guru Peep! Since Peeps never age, is it because all of peepkind practices this peepayama?

    If so, are there any rebel peeps who, neglecting the practice, have gotten old?

    I remain submissively yours.

  2. “Let go of all worries, all pesky thoughts of having your head bitten off…” I will observe my yamas and practice restraint the next time I want to bite a peep’s head off.

  3. Peepayama!! Your presentation is fine and I think it can be understand easily by all human being, I Think it is really good step taking by you, thanks