Which Yoga Superhero Are You?

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Perhaps the comic books, movies, and cartoons haven’t covered it yet, but who’s to say that these fierce heroes and heroines don’t practice yoga?! I think they do. In secret. Like magicians, they never reveal their most powerful secrets. Yoga enhances, elevates, and hones their superpowers! They are Yoga Superheroes.

Which Yoga Superhero Are You?

batman superhero


  • Practices mostly inversions
  • Likes to wear all black to class, especially leggings
  • Favorite Brand: Beyond Yoga (because, well, he is.)
  • Yama: Ahimsa. Batman lives by his own code of ethics, which includes an interesting take on Ahimsa — that is to say, he believes it’s okay to beat the crap out of baddies, but he doesn’t kill them.
  • Favorite Pose: Sirsasana
  • Dark, tortured, and mysterious, Batman’s samadhi is found within the fight against crime.

Rogue superhero


Wonder Woman


  • Elegant, capable, and intelligent
  • Favorite Yoga Style: Iyengar (layers and layers of depth, just like WW)
  • Yama: Satya (Truthfulness), naturally. Even without her lasso yoga strap of truth, she is always honest.
  • Her invisible airplane takes her to all her fave classes incognito. She can do Jivamukti in NY and Bhakti Yoga Shala in LA all in one day.
  • Favorite Poses: She of the killer core (and super cute gold belt) loves Navasana/Boat
  • Has a penchant for starry leggings and blingy headbands



  • You can find him at all the flying workshops. He’s so experienced, that he is usually teaching.
  • Conquered Klesha: Avidya. Superman isn’t blinded by false perception; his sight is clear. One might almost say it was akin to x-ray vision…
  • Has a strong Pranayama practice, but Breath of Fire is challenging. This is because Superman’s breath tends to run cold.
  • Favorite Poses: Salabhasana/Locust and anything that can be done in a phone booth
  • Enjoys blue leggings, “S” monogrammed yoga tees, and tying his Yogitoes Skidless around his neck — draped like, oh I don’t know, a cape.



  • Super flexible with feline grace, this lady is badasana
  • Favorite Pose: Marjaryasana/Cat and Savasana (purrrr)
  • Pose She Hates: Down Dog (meow!)
  • Her mat is Manduka Black — holds up well against her loooong blood red claws
  • Like Batman, Catwoman only rocks head to toe black. Wears a black turban/headwrap that looks incredibly similar to a cat mask. Huh.


Now then. Which one are you?

photo/art credits: flowtv.org, marveldirectory.com, bestofbothworldsaz.com, supermanhomepage.com, wikia.com

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21 Comments to Which Yoga Superhero Are You?

  1. Booyah! There you are :)

    Ha tough one, but as much as I love the X-Men I would go to the DC side of comics, especially the dark ones ie Batman and Catwoman. But I dig Wonder Woman too, probably the belt, the stars and Satya :D

    Superman’s much too “clean” for me, I like my heroes a bit dark – I’m a goth hidden under the layers of yogic rainbows :D

  2. This may sound total split personality…but Rouge and Wonder Woman, Now I’m gonna try arm balances in my kickers!

  3. lol i’m somewhere between rogue & catwoman. :) i agree with nancy, which one are you?? my guess is rogue ;) hugs!!

  4. Kimberly

    I aspire to be WW but I am closer to Rogue. I wonder what Storm would favor in a yoga class? At least she could keep herself breezy cool in a hot yoga class.

  5. Karen (YogaSweetie)

    Made me smile as always. Definitely Rogue – flip the dog, Pitta = me all over. Now just need to get me some Shining Shakti pants :)

  6. Wonder Woman.

    Used to be Cat Woman, but a yoga teacher once caused me to get my cat back up.

    There’s been a lot of core-blasting pilates in my home yoga practice since then.

  7. Yoga and Superheroes! Two of my favorite things!

    As for me , Batman and I have similarities. Which kinda freaks me out. I really enjoyed reading this!

  8. More accurately, a Wonder Woman in need of a shrink, actually …

    Not all superheroes are totally sane … look at Spiderman (to which I also have been compared … and in yoga I hang on the walls an awful lot …)