Which Hogwarts YOGA House Do You Belong In?

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which hogwarts yoga house are you? yoga personality quiz

Every wizard has a Hogwarts house, just as every yogi finds a home in a particular yoga style. And we all know yoga + Harry Potter go wand in hand. Approach the Sorting Hat and find out which Hogwarts Yoga House is the perfect fit for you — it may not be the one you think, as the Hat chooses a House that will challenge you to rise and meet your greatest self!


gryffindor yoga personality vinyasa hogwarts harry potter

Gryffindors are made of courage and bravery. The element for this House is FIRE, color = scarlet red, + their animal is the lion. Yoga: VINYASA. Vinyasa builds heat, stokes the flames of action, and hones your spirit for battles of all kinds. You emerge victorious + triumphant.

hufflepuff yoga personality iyengar hogwarts harry potter

Hufflepuffs, as their Badger symbolizes, are hard-working, patient, and fair. The element for this House is EARTH and their color is yellow. Yoga: IYENGAR. Iyengar is the yoga of stillness, one-pointed focus, and the ability to overcome any obstacles with equanimity + patience. You are earthy + grounded.

ravenclaw yoga personality jivamukti hogwarts harry potter

Wise Ravenclaws are known for their intelligence, vast knowledge of many subjects, and sharp wit. The element for this House is AIR, color = blue, and their animal is the eagle. Yoga: JIVAMUKTI. Jivamukti is an incredibly well-rounded practice, combining the power of voice with deep spirituality, thoughtful study, and meditation for oneness. You are enlightened + sagacious.

slytherin yoga personality ashtanga hogwarts harry potter

Slytherins are ambitious, incisive, and achievement-oriented. They place very, very high value on pure blood wizard heritage, akin to lineage-focused Ashtanga. The element for this House is WATER, color = emerald green, + their animal is the serpent. Yoga: ASHTANGA. Ashtanga is breath (tsssss), movement, and purification. You are strong, self-rooted, + serpentine.

harry potter lightning bolt

May yogic MAGIC be with you.

(artwork by YIFY, containing images — Hogwarts windows + crests — credited to: J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros)

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