Meditation for Wholeness (yify meditation)

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wholeness nature grass circle

whole /hohl/ : (noun) a thing that is complete in itself You have heard many times that you are already whole, that you have everything you need. Yet many of us continue to feel more akin to doughnuts or swiss cheese — we experience holes in ourselves. When creating + developing this meditation,...

YOGA DUDES: the animated guide

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adam levine yoga

As a bro, you have to be a bastion of balance — steely, yet flexible…stolid, yet sensitive — to survive in today’s average yoga class. By default, the ladies think you’re on the make, you think you may be out of your element in a sea of estrogen, and let’s...

YOGA IN LA: the animated guide

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carmen electra practicing yoga

You’ve always wanted to know how the other half lives yogas. This is my city. My lifeblood. My ‘hood. And this, this is how we California roll . . . Your Guide to Yoga in LA: 1. Today is Kirtan?!?!?!   2. Chanel bag, perfect highlights, just hopped out the...

YOGA TEACHER TRAINING: the animated guide

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yoga hippies teacher training

YTT ain’t for suckaz. It’s for Hard. Ass. Bitches. We dun did our time. When it’s all over and you see the light for the very first time in decades years months um, hours, your mind flies like a bird set free. But instead of cruising around life and pooping...