4 ways yoga can help you deal with annoying people

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You can’t swing a yoga mat, a sassy arm, or a stylish bag without hitting at least one asshole. They’re everywhere these days — the post office, in traffic, even on Twitter. But this doesn’t mean you have to let them get your goat. Not when you have camel, cobra,...

6 reasons i don’t teach yoga

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If there’s one question I receive on the regular, it’s: “Do you teach yoga?” Or some variant thereof. (i.e., Where do you teach? Are you teaching yet? Why aren’t you teaching?) My answer has become pull-string. “Well, I’ve completed 200 hours of teacher training and have been practicing since age 15,...

{ yoga peepcast! } peeps recap 2012’s yoga drama. so far.

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yoga peeps

Spring has sprung and the peeps are feeling frightfully frisky. They’ve also noticed an undefinable malaise, a particular lack of humor, and a general un-fun-ness in the yoga world lately. We feel that it is not only our responsibility, but our pleasure to bring the FUNK. Without further ado, it’s...