{ yoga peepcast! } peeps recap 2012’s yoga drama. so far.

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Spring has sprung and the peeps are feeling frightfully frisky. They’ve also noticed an undefinable malaise, a particular lack of humor, and a general un-fun-ness in the yoga world lately. We feel that it is not only our responsibility, but our pleasure to bring the FUNK. Without further ado, it’s ON like Peepy Kong!

At our annual pre-Easter powwow, the peeps and I put our bunny ears together, twitched our mischievous noses, and gleefully reenacted the biggest downdog dramatics so far this year:


equinox oversexed yoga campaign

equinox selling yoga with sex

Watch the video.



john friend yoga scandal

Peruse the timeline.



cautionary tales book about yoga

Read the book. Watch an interview. Read an interview.


Thoughts? Feelings? Perspectives? Sugar rushes? Do tell.

Happy Keester from all of us peeps here at YIFY!

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8 Comments to { yoga peepcast! } peeps recap 2012’s yoga drama. so far.

  1. Ok I didn’t read everything but.. I’ll bet you a dollar that the people that complain about chicks in panties being “degrading” are jealous fat slobs. Degrading… TO YOOOOOOOOU, CAUSE YOU’RE FAAAAAAAAAT!!! Just saying. And so what if Mr. Friend did some drugs and had some seks. With a name like Friend you kinda have to do drugs and have sex. Just hope he wasn’t Mr. Friend with some children. And yeah, sure, Yoga can injure you, what physical thing can’t? What do people expect when they move from a sedentary “I sit in a chair all day, every day” non athletic life, to positions they have NEVER been in?


    Time for more coffee!

  2. super peeptastic peep show! nicely done Lo.
    those Friend-ly peep chicks in the back ground…perfectly pink. ;-)

  3. Roseanne – thank you! i imagine WJB will now feel his career has come full-circle, being peepified and all. ;)

    Rere – you are such a dude. :D

    Crystal – xo!

    Darla – that’s my fave shot, too. although i probably should have given them butcher knives for accuracy.

    Dawg – i should make a peep series of you and your awesome antics. :D

    Svasti – love you!