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the yoga walk of shame / bliss.

- - Lifestyle

My life has been idiotically incapacitating insanity as of late. And fo shame, fo shame, my practice has dwindled. Why does this have to be an inversely proportional relationship?! The Yoga Walk of Shame + The Yoga Walk of Bliss Soon, I’ll be doing the yoga walk of shame. You...

What is Yoga Swagger?

- - Inspiration

A new hashtag has cropped up on Twitter: #yogaswagger. But those of you who’ve been around the block know that yoga swagger runs deep and is timeless. You can’t fake the funk. Either you’ve got swag…or you don’t. Still confused? Want to study up? Something to nod your head to...

What is your Secret Yoga Behavior (SYB)?

- - Personality + Quizzes

In honor of the new moon, I am mooning you…figuratively, of course. You know, I’m showing you some of the goods. Remember that episode of Sex and the City (I know you watched SATC as obsessively as I did…and still do!) where Carrie and the girls all fess up to their...